About Us

Expat Network – Your One-Stop Resource To Find A New Job AbroadWelcome Note

For 25 years members of Expat Network have looked to us for assistance in their overseas job search and support while on location and at home. For many expat members, we have become the link between a life overseas and a base in their country of origin.

Expat Network offers a range of valuable services and benefits – from showcasing the best jobs across the globe, to preparing you to apply for them, to arranging gifts to your family on birthdays and at Christmas. We always address the needs of our expat members and where we cannot help we always know someone who can.

Thousands of expats have found work using our truly expat-dedicated services and contacts, thousands more have solved everyday problems by contacting the Expat Network team.

Expat Network has become the leading UK-based organisation for expats seeking work and assistance overseas. Building on a firmly established reputation among key overseas recruiters, we have a unique place in the market.

Expat Network was set up to represent the interests of contract-working expats who rarely enjoy full company protection and benefits. We work with recruitment and service providers to ensure that you are armed with the necessary knowledge to enjoy your time overseas.

Your Contacts

Expat Network is run, as it has always been, by Shona Farrell and Linda Taylor. They are the friendly and knowledgeable contacts for expats seeking information on jobs, contracts, CVs, personal finance, insurance and much more. They have dedicated themselves to helping expats and have the experience to ensure their assistance is of the first order.

A Brief History

Expat Network was set up in 1989 to answer the needs of a community of professionals who at that time had little or no voice or protection. In 1989 communications were not as advanced as they are now. It was often the case that a contract in Nigeria, or even Saudi Arabia had you almost cut off from home. Expat Network aimed then to provide a workable link between those expats and home – business and personal.

We were sure of one thing, that expats needed representation, good information and a friendly voice – a team that would handle every request that cropped up, or find a person or organisation that could resolve an issue if we could not.

Plans For The Future

Membership has remained steady over the years, we have represented thousands of expats since 1989. The future of expat living and working has changed irrevocably since 1989 but we know that our organisation is as crucial for expats now as it has ever been.