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Your CV

When you store your candidate profile and CV on our database you do so at your own risk and you agree that it can be made available free of charge for searching, viewing and downloading by any recruiter, employer or other person who requests CVs matching your criteria. We do not verify the identity or the nature of the business of such organizations. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any loss or damage sustained by you as a direct or indirect result of you storing your candidate profile and CV on our database.

It is solely your responsibility to keep your details up to date, especially if your contact details have changed from contract to contract.

We reserve the right to remove CV’s from our database, which we at our sole discretion believe to be inaccurate or offensive.

Remember that your current employer may be a client of one of our recruiters, and we cannot be held responsible for any eventuality that arises directly or indirectly as a result of this. However, you have the option to ‘hide’ certain information from potential recruiters and it is your responsibility to decide whether or not you wish to make use of this facility.

We may also from time to time use the information you have provided to compile statistical, employment or salary trends, however, your personal information will not be identified for this purpose.

You acknowledge and agree that you will not seek to hold us liable for any loss or damage arising, either directly or indirectly, as a result of a recruiter retaining a copy of your CV and any use such recruiter may make of your CV. You may remove your CV and candidate profile from the database at any time


Job Advertisements

If you are an employment agency (as defined by the Employment Agencies Act 1973) it is your responsibility to ensure that the job advertisements you place with us  must comply with these regulations and all subsequent laws and regulations. Expat Network reserve the right to remove a vacancy at any time if this is considered to be in appropriate, inaccurate or fraudulent.

Job advertisements must be bona fide, and not for other products or services, not relating to recruitment, including but not limited to ‘business opportunities’ ‘pyramid schemes’, etc.

Candidate Responses

Candidates who are responding to job advertisements placed on our site by you must be dealt with fairly and professionally at all times. You agree that you will indemnify us from and against any claim brought against us by any candidate arising from your breach of this obligation.

CV Database

If you are an employment agency (as defined by the Employment Agencies Act 1973) it is your responsibility to ensure that the use you make of our CV database complies with these regulations.

We do not verify nor guarantee any candidate’s details. It is your responsibility you as the recruiter to take up references and satisfy yourself as to the accuracy, availability, suitability, integrity and reliability of the information given on any CV provided by us on behalf of any of our members. You agree that you will not seek to hold us responsible for any loss or damage arising out of the dealings between you and our member.

Due to the sensitive nature of information contained in a CV, you the recruiter may not transmit nor distribute the CV or other information received from us to any person(s), company or businesses other than for the purpose of finding employment for the member


You the recruiter must undertake all reasonable precautions for securing the confidentiality of information on our members gained from our site against unauthorized persons using their passwords, pin numbers and email addresses in an attempt to access such information.

It is a condition of allowing you to use our site that you the recruiter must at all times comply with the Data Protection legislation of the United Kingdom and the EC in force from time to time and all changes thereto.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Your use of our site and downloads from it are governed in accordance with the laws of England. The English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of your use of our site.