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Company Information


Who is Accoplus?

Accoplus is a Hong Kong-based company created to assist start-ups and entrepreneurs setting up their operations in the region. The company makes the process easy by holding investors hands during the early days of establishment for smooth entry and faster growth. We provide a wide range of corporate services including the following:


  • Company Formation
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Company secretary
  • Tax Substance

Our Staff and Expertise:

 Accoplus’ Director is a Swiss entrepreneur who has lived in Hong Kong for 15 years. His understanding of the Hong Kong business environment, the grip of international laws and regulations, makes it easy for Accoplus to facilitate and protect businesses coming to Hong Kong.

The Office Manager is a Mainland Chinese with expertise in accounting and can talk in 4 different languages. The Head of compliance is an Indian who is also a compliance expert.

The firm also works with experts and attorneys in different areas as advisors and even financial intermediaries to help with complex structuration for enterprises with multiple ownership models.

For Accoplus and its staff fraternity, we believe in helping clients get bigger.


The Main Services Offered at Accoplus:

 1)      Tax Substance

 When we assist you to establish in Hong Kong, the support does not stop there. We will also help you plan how to grow the business in future. We demonstrate the most important things you need to take advantage of the Hong Kong unique business environment. Some of these include demonstrating Tax Substance, registering and operating as SPV, and market surveys.

2)      Corporate Services

 While Hong Kong has progressively embarked on helping enterprises register and grow faster, many still find it an uphill task. We help investors incorporate new Hong Kong Companies, register International Business Companies, and all the company Secretary Services. We will also act as your Hong Kong address so to help you cut cost and smoothly relocate the operations in Hong Kong.

3)      Bank Introduction

 You want to operate a business in Hong Kong? You need a bank account for assistance with accounting, paying bills, and tax. Accoplus helps clients in the following ways;

  • Demonstrating compliance when opening bank
  • Hong Kong account bank
  • International bank
  • Confidentiality and privacy


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