AIG Travelguard

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Company Information

AIG Travel developed the Travel Guard® Global Expatriate Assistance Services program to help expatriates be productive as soon as possible in the workplace and enjoy their new host country.

This program is specifically designed to provide relocating individuals and their families access to valuable products and services to assist with their acclimation. Our unparalleled expatriate services provide 24/7/365 access to a wide array of competitively priced personal insurance and financial solutions to help provide a smooth transition to the expatriates new life abroad.

Personal insurance offerings include Automobile, Personal Property/Renter’s, Homeowners, Umbrella, Short Term Medical, Pet and Travel insurance.  

In addition to insurance solutions, AIG Travel helps expatriates secure vehicle leasing/financing, personal unsecured credit cards, mortgages, and cell phones without a U.S. credit rating.

Since 1994, AIG Travel continues to lead the industry with competitively priced personal insurance and financial solutions for expatriates. Our clients enjoy auto insurance rates commensurate to a U.S. resident with the same driving experience.  

We strive to be the premier insurance company of choice for global insurance solutions for expatriates and their families.


For more information, please call us at 877-708-6995 (toll free in the U.S. and Canada) or +001-817-826-7120 (collect call).