Company Information

The Biz Latin Hub Group is a market leader in helping both local and foreign companies to successfully do business in Latin America, by providing a full suite of bilingual back office and market entry services, including:

* Market Entry Support

* Accounting, Financial & Taxation Services

* Legal and Immigration Services

* Recruitment Services

* Other Technology and Establishment Services

The company is owned and managed by an experienced team of Local and Expatriate professionals, dedicated to assisting our clients in navigating their way through the complexities of the Latin American business environment. With offices in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Panama and Belize, we have an unparalleled reach across the region and are well positioned to help companies to enter and operate within the Latin American market-place, through providing multi-lingual services that are Reliable, Economic and Tailored to meet the client’s needs.  For more information please visit us at