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OneSimCard – Stay in Touch

OneSimCard is an international roaming SIM card which provides quality low-cost mobile phone and data service in over 200 countries. It helps you avoid the high roaming charges you can incur when using regular domestic telecoms carriers’ services abroad.  On average, OneSimCard customers enjoy up to 85% savings when using our mobile services internationally as compared to standard international roaming fees.

OneSimCard also allows to keep a local number in the country while you are staying abroad. This offers uninterrupted banking and lowers the cost for your loved ones to stay in touch.

OneSimCard is a convenient and low-cost alternative to many local sim cards. You can add local phone numbers to your SIM in 60+ countries, so there is no hustle of finding and activating a local SIM card.

You receive:

  • 2 phone numbers: Europe & USA, Canada, UK or Australia. Add numbers in 60+ other countries
  • Free incoming calls received on EU number in 162 countries. Outgoing calls from 0.02 c/min with SIM VOIP app.
  • Mobile data service from $0.01/Mb. Optional Discount plans.
  • Free incoming SMS text messages everywhere
  • 24/7 Live Technical Support
  • And more!

Order OneSimCard international SIM card or eSIM today and start enjoying truly global roaming without the high cost.


Access Your Bank and Other Accounts Abroad. SMS Verification Numbers for Expats and travelers. No SIM Card required.

Banks, credit card companies and other businesses often use SMS text messaging verification in order to allow access to US and Canada based accounts. For Expats and others abroad maintaining a US phone number able to receive SMS texts is challenging and expensive. OneSimCard has the perfect solution for you – US Bank Verification SMS telephone numbers.

This number can receive a verification SMS or call and forward it to the destination of your choice. You can forward to an email or even to a mobile number of another carrier including non-US carriers. The best part – you don’t even need a physical SIM card! Simply order the number online and start verifying in minutes!

Order US Bank Verification SMS telephone numbers online.

Learn more about how 2 Step SMS verification works.


About Us

OneSimCard® is a division of Belmont Telecom, Inc., a licensed U.S. interexchange carrier (IXC) providing telecommunications services since 1994, now celebrating 25 years in telecoms. Our goal is to make communication as easy and inexpensive as possible for you, whether you’re using data, texting or calling across town or across the globe.


Global Roaming For Expats

Access bank and other accounts back home with special SMS verification numbers. Save 85% on Data, Calls and SMS in 200+ countries. Get local mobile phone numbers in 65+ countries.