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British Boarding School: An Education Worth Travelling The World For

British boarding schools are more popular than ever before, and an increasing number of young people from Portugal are taking advantage of cheap and plentiful flights to attend schools in the UK, where they make the most of a broad education in a modern, cosmopolitan environment, and leave ready to take on the world. Written exclusively for Expat N ...

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Top 5 Secrets To Learning Any Language Faster

When moving to a new country there are many challenges.  Learning a new language has many challenges and many advantages.  Fluency Corp give their top tips to help you to learn a new language. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Fluency Corp   Speaking the local language makes every aspect of adjusting to life in a new country easier. You’ll work more efficiently, navigate daily li ...

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Choosing A School In America – Top Issues For Expats

The business of choosing a school in America is of primary importance to expatriate families planning their move there. The US educational system offers enormous choice: provision varies from state to state, with both public and private schools as well as international schools to choose from. This article was written exclusively for Expat Network by Stephen Spriggs of William Clarence Education. L ...

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Getting More Out Of The IB

A guide to the International Baccalaureate for parents whose children want to create social change… Is the IB the right fit for your child? Helping your child choose the next step in their education can be a particularly stressful time for parents. There are so many options available but the most important piece of advice is: Consider what feels right for your child Everyone has different re ...

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7 Ways To Make Music With Your Toddler

Living as an expat with young children can be challenging. Mum is often carer, playmate and teacher all in one. Avenues for interaction and education are not as straightforward when you’re living in an unfamiliar place and structured classes for things like music can be difficult to find. The great news is, there’s lots of things you can do at home to start to introduce musical concepts to your li ...

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Choosing An International University

Here we explore the options open to families choosing an international university when making the decision to move overseas. Studying abroad is increasingly popular, whether it’s solo or as part of a family move.  There’s a popular phrase ‘It’s a small world’ and the world certainly does seem that way with the advancement in technology and the way we travel. Expatriating is no easy task but ...

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Schools In Canada

Schools in Canada are administered by the individual provinces and generally have a good reputation.  With a good standard of education there are options in state and private schools for expats. State Education The provinces and territories of Canada are responsible for education at elementary and secondary levels as well as technical and vocational education.  While there are a great many similar ...

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Top 10 Tips To Learn A Language

How do I learn a foreign language? It is easy to start, but it is worth learning from those who have done it before to find out what works. We set out our top 10 tips for learning a foreign language. Know why you are learning the language. Make sure that before you start you know why you are learning the language and that you set short term goals as well as the final target of full proficiency or ...

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Finding Expat Schools In New Zealand

Many expat families opt to place their children in one of New Zealand’s excellent public or private schools. There are more than 20 schools in New Zealand, most in the Auckland area, that offer an International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. Some are private and some are state-sponsored. More than a dozen schools offer the Primary Years Programme, one school offers the Middle Years Programme, ...

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Finding Expat Schools In France

When deciding between a French school and an international school, parents have several factors to consider. A local school offers the advantages of acquiring fluency in French, broader acquaintanceships with French children and their culture. Young children typically adapt well to the French system, becoming comfortable within a matter of months. For older students, the adjustment takes longer an ...

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Schools in Spain

In most areas of Spain, there are several types of schools from which expatriate families can choose. State-funded schools. Partially state-funded private schools, called concertados, may require tuition, but must still adhere to national education guidelines and requirements. Private schools require tuition, and may or may not offer coursework in non-regional  languages.  Private schools in Spain ...

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Choosing A School When Expats Return To UK

When moving to a new expat posting, often the best-known expat school is the obvious choice for your child. Even when there are wider options, often these are restricted by where there are places, or where a company may have a fast-track debenture. By Fiona Hodgkins Perhaps the most complex and challenging school choice of all for expats is when you decide that either it is time to return to the U ...

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Expats With Kids Take Six Months To Settle

Despite the benefits of raising a family abroad, parents and children alike take time to settle into their new life. However, the challenge can bring families closer together, according to new data. Almost half of expat parents say their children take longer than six months to feel at home in their new country, with 25% saying they take more than a year, according to the HSBC Expat Explorer survey ...

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Expats: How To Select An International School

Moving to a new job, a new town, a new country – effectively a new life – is challenging. Add in the fear and guilt that you are disrupting your children’s lives, that they may struggle to adapt, and your anxiety and stress levels soar. By Fiona Hodgkins Although local schools offer the best opportunity to learn the local language, as well as experiencing the indigenous culture a ...

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Finding The Right School

Viable and attractive school options will be a major factor when relocating with family. The choice will generally be between sending your child(ren) to an international or a local school. The Expat Network Destination Pages include information on the local school systems, international school and pre-school options. International Schools International schools can provide real advantages: They are ...

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Sponsored – Teacher Tips on Navigating K-12 Expat Education

When moving abroad, it can be exciting to learn along the way, but there are some aspects ofour lives that we cannot leave to chance. For parents, one of these is the education of our children. Most countries provide public school options, but measuring their quality beforehand can be challenging. By Jason Agins, Master Teacher at International Connections Academy So do you place your child in the ...

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Expats: What’s The Cost Of Learning A New Language?

If you’re thinking of moving abroad post-Brexit, a new tool helps you calculate exactly how long it will take to learn the local language, and how much it will cost. The thought of leaving the UK is certainly appealing to many – it has been widely reported that there have been record numbers of people applying for passports for countries such as Ireland and New Zealand. But if you’re not moving to ...

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