Expat Health Insurance Prices Cut By 40%

Expat health insurance is one of the major costs for people living and working around the world and options for reducing that cost are always welcome.

NowCompare, the world’s largest expat insurance and financial aggregator, has just announced that a massive 40% has been slashed on selected international health insurance policies.


NowCompare.com lists policies from 98 per cent of the world’s leading private health insurance providers and so already offers the best choice of expat insurance policies. As part of Alliance Group International Limited, a leading global insurance and finance intermediary, NowCompare is able to use this to pursue a better deal for expats.

NowCompare.com’s Director Cherry Yu explains why NowCompare has taken this dramatic action:

“Actions speak louder than words, so we decided to kick-start our campaign for lower cost private healthcare for expats by drastically cutting the price for expat health insurance on NowCompare.com. The emergence of aggregators has already had an impact on insurance prices across all sectors but there is still a long way to go, particularly regarding the cost of international health insurance.”

This bold move is a response to the ever-increasing number of globally mobile individuals deciding to live and work abroad. NowCompare sees this trend as an opportunity for insurers to broaden their reach whilst giving expats greater access to affordable private healthcare.

NowCompare is a global business with a workforce comprising mainly globally mobile individuals. The company not only knows the market but also boasts first-hand experience of the unique pressures associated with the expat lifestyle. Previous customer surveys have revealed that one of the most stressful aspects of living and working overseas is the prohibitively high cost of private health insurance.

Yu continues:

“There is probably only one thing worse than falling ill and that is not having access to the right treatment. Removing the cost barrier to good quality expat health insurance cover can have a truly transformative effect on the entire expat experience.”


NowCompare.com currently offers the best possible choice of specialist international health insurance policies online, giving expats access to instant online comparisons. For further information visit www.nowcompare.com.