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Published: 11th February 2019 (5 days ago)
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The PROJECT SUPERVISOR is responsible for the safe execution and supervision of work carried on out small and medium sized projects. He/She acts as shift supervisor on specific projects. He/She ensures that subordinates follow correct, safe working practices.
1. Actively ensure that your own health & safety and the health & safety of all fellow workers or other workers are preserved at all times.
2. Wear all the proper PPE while on the work site or in the base. Ensure that the PPE is neat and tidy and proper company issue.
3. Be fully aware of and work in compliance with the requirements of all relevant Client and / or customer HSE handbooks, HSE procedures, emergency procedures and Permit to Work systems.
4. Be aware of and conversant with incident, near miss and hazard reporting procedures as described in the Clients HSE Procedures Manual.
5. Report all accidents, incidents, near misses or any unsafe conditions. Take necessary steps to prevent damage to property, plant, equipment and or the environment.
6. Attend and participate in all safety meetings held in the base or in the field.
7. Read, understand and adhere to job specific procedures, method statements and risk assessments.
8. Be fully aware and understand the Client's Permit to Work system and raise the appropriate permit as necessary.
Do not undertake work without the proper PTW in place.
9. Carry out pre-job engineering as required by the Field Engineer.
10. Prepare equipment and load-out lists as required by the Operations Coordinator.
11. Ensure that all equipment being loaded out is fit for purpose and in good working order.
12. Carry out duties in the field without supervision and in accordance with instructions issued by the Project Co-ordinator or Operations Coordinator.
13. Carry out general maintenance and pre-job checks to ensure equipment is in good working order and fit for use.
14. Operate equipment in accordance with the clients equipment operating procedures.
15. Supervise the rig up / down of equipment and carry out pre- and post-job checks in compliance with job specific/HSE procedures and Permit to Work systems.
16. Prepare systems for the proposed work scope. Check system line up and complete valve isolation check sheets prior to starting. Report any conflict or deviation from the procedure to the company / client representative.
17. Inform the Project Engineer / Project Coordinator immediately of any changes to the procedures, of any verbal instructions received from the client and of any equipment faults.
18. Record all field data necessary for complete job reporting.
19. Ensure all paperwork is complete and is presented to the client for signing on a timely basis, i.e., daily or weekly.
20. Ensure Project Engineer / Co-ordinator is notified of any changes to site or system conditions and any requests from the Client to deviate from approved procedures.
No changes are to be made to approve procedures without specific instruction from BHI person in charge.

The PROJECT SUPERVISOR works with minimal direction from the Field Engineer / Project Coordinators / Project Manager. He should be able to do basic to more advanced pre-job engineering. He is expected to be able to select equipment, organise load-outs, supervise small to medium sized jobs, rig-up and rig down equipment in a safe and efficient manner, do the pre - and post-job equipment checks and function tests and operate the equipment. When rigging down he needs to ensure that all equipment is packed away properly for shipping. He should be able to prepare the necessary field reports, understand and follow the clients HSE procedures, job procedures and the customer's Permit to Work system. He should understand when safe working practices are not being followed and report this immediately to the client or the Project Coordinator. He should complete Behaviour Based Safety Reports (Hazards, Near Misses) as and when he sees something wrong. He should take the initiative to ensure that company property including tools, materials, equipment and PPE is looked after and not wasted. He should train and mentor less experienced personnel in the work being done. When not in the field he carries out workshop and other ad hoc duties as directed by the Operations Coordinator.

Good mechanical aptitude.
Good communications skills, written and oral.
A minimum of two years field experience.
Have taken the BHI courses necessary for the Service Supervisor level.
Must be able to demonstrate leadership skills.

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