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Help, I’m Divorced – How Did That Happen?

As anyone who’s been through it can tell you, divorce is a big deal – not just emotionally, but also practically. It changes your legal status (for tax and sometimes immigration purposes, for example) and, at least in Scotland, it permanently ends your right to make any financial claim as a result of the separation. This is very differe ...

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Sponsored: Three Top Tips For Expats Facing Divorce

Relationship breakdown is always stressful, but if your marriage has run into trouble after moving overseas, the thought of sorting out finances and child issues in a less familiar setting can feel overwhelming. Based on our experience advising expats at Morton Fraser, these are our top three tips for dealing with a separation when you live abroad.  Tip 1 − Act Fast Even if you are both living ove ...

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Divorce in Dubai or England – What Are Your Options?

Based in UAE and heading for divorce? Know your legal options. By Michael Rowlands. London is regarded as ‘divorce capital of the world’ largely for its generous treatment of wives in the event of marriage breakdown. Dubai, on the other hand, has developed a reputation as ‘divorce capital of the world’ for a different reason — the high number of marriages that end there.   Any expatriat ...

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Expat Children And Custody In UAE

For divorcing or already divorced parents who are expats in UAE, disputes involving custody of children, relocation or travel with children are not straightforward. By Michael Rowlands. Unlike in many other countries there is no possibility of enforcing English Court Orders concerning children in UAE. The decision to relocate is a big one. If you intend to take children with you and their other na ...

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Briton Working Abroad? What Are Your UK Employment Law Rights?

Employment lawyer, Philip Landau from Landau Law Solicitors looks at the legal position. If you are working outside the UK, the extent to which you are protected by UK employment law is a complex issue. The legislation does not say anything about the legislative reach of UK employment tribunals and courts if you work abroad.  It has therefore been largely left to the courts to determine the issue ...

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Your Employment Contract

There are a few key points to consider when signing a contract. For those who have recently become expatriates or for many of us who would like a gentle reminder, here are some of the more pertinent points. ...

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