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Number Of Expat Workers Over One Million By 2021

The global trend for international mobility looks set to continue as smaller and medium-sized multinationals, in particular, drive growth and encourage greater movement of employees around the world. This is a key finding from a study by Finaccord, which reveals that the number of multinationals worldwide is on course to reach 13,900 by 2021 while ...

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Head East For Best Salary Increases

According to the latest Salary Trends Report by ECA International (ECA), UK employees in the private sector are expected to see a real salary increase of just 0.2 per cent in 2018, the equivalent of approximately £4.41 a month (£53 pa) for the average worker before tax. This keeps the UK at the bottom of the salary increase table in Europe, ranking 23 out of 26 countries surveyed in the region. Th ...

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Risks Of Working Abroad Are On The Rise

Medical issues, severe penalties for breaching local laws such as immigration and tax regulations and terrorism are the most common risks facing businesses who send workers overseas. This is according to new research by global mobility firm Santa Fe Relocation. The findings from its 2017 Global Mobility Survey revealed that nearly a nearly a quarter of those managing overseas secondments or assign ...

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Confidence Returning To Oil & Gas Market

After a tough four years new research shows that for the first time since 2014 the oil and gas industry expects more new jobs to be created than lost over the next 12 months. Since the price of oil crashed in 2014 it is estimated that more than 440,000 jobs have been cut in the sector worldwide. But with the price of oil having stabilised since July 2017, new research by recruiter NES Global Talen ...

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Expats Earn 25% More Abroad Than At Home

Singapore has again been rated by expats as the best country in the world to live and work. Runner-up was Norway. Both Singapore and Norway offer expats a stable economic and political environment while giving them a fulfilling experience and an improved family life, according to the HSBC Expat Explorer survey. As well as unveiling the best places in the world to live as an expat, the survey also ...

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Fall In Number Of Britons Sent To Work Abroad

A study has found that there has been a big drop in the number of British people being sent on international assignment for work. The UK has been revealed as the third most popular location in the world for international work, behind only USA and China, according to new research by Santa Fe Relocation. The findings from the company’s 2017 Global Mobility Survey showed that despite concerns around ...

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China To Be Key Place For Business Expansion

China is set to become the key destination for international business expansion in the next five years, according to research. The research by AXA, conducted among 250 firms in eight countries and 372 globally-mobile workers reveals that while western economies dominate the list of countries that employers say they most commonly send staff to work in today, the balance of power between nations is ...

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Young People Going Expat For Better Job Prospects

There has been an upsurge in younger professionals moving abroad. Research has found that there has been a large increase in moving enquiries made by millennials – 18 to 35-year-old young professionals – of around 60%. This suggests that the will to live abroad and experience different cultures is ever growing among young people. A reason why an increasing number of young people are re ...

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Criminal Record Could Mean Expat Travel Ban

Research by Direct Line Travel Insurance reveals millions of Britons could be setting themselves up for rejection by attempting to enter foreign countries without properly disclosing their prior criminal convictions. Criminal offences which could mean potential expats are refused entry are referred to as ‘moral turpitude’ by US border officials and usually include crimes that go against the accept ...

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Trend For Workers To Be International Commuters

More than half of the businesses questioned in new research said sending staff on global assignments has improved the performance of their international operations and 44% said it improved employees’ skill level. However, the research by international health insurer AXA, conducted among 250 multi-national firms headquartered in eight different countries and 372 expat workers across 11 markets, rev ...

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