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Popular Remote Jobs With Health Insurance For Expats

It’s the 21st century, and it’s all about freedom and making one’s dreams come true. And while work opportunities can take you to the other side of the globe, it might leave your spouse or significant other without much prospects in the location. Remote or freelance jobs in many cases are the answer, but, as an expat, you should pay attention to a ...

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Five Tips When Having A Baby Abroad

Having a baby is one of the most life-changing experiences a person can go through. It’s an exciting but nerve-wracking time, and when you’re living somewhere new, there can be many unknowns which need navigating before the big day – from maternity leave timescales to hospital stays. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Andy Edwards, Chief Customer Officer, AXA – Global Healthcare   Not k ...

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Accessing Healthcare When You Retire Abroad

Retiring abroad is a major decision and one of the key issues if we are to get the best out of life in retirement wherever we are is access to good quality healthcare.  The accessibility of healthcare should be one of the key factors in the decision on where to retire. There can be a great difference between different countries in terms of health standards, statutory care and emergency treatment.  ...

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Which Are The 10 Healthiest Countries To Relocate To?

Deciding to move your life to a different country is a huge step and not one to be taken lightly. From learning a foreign language to country politics and environmental quality, there are a number of factors to take into account when you first start looking at a potential country to call home. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Compare the Market   Despite the obvious factors such as ca ...

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Where Is Expat Health Insurance Mandatory?

When living or working abroad one of the major issues to be addressed is healthcare.  Ensuring you can access quality healthcare is essential whether you are working or retiring abroad.  In many countries you can access the state healthcare system if you are a resident of that country, but there may be conditions before you qualify.  Brexit is bringing this issue to the fore for British expats in ...

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Healthcare In Portugal

Access to the Portuguese health system is based on residence. If you are formally resident in Portugal (having registered with your nearest Town Hall or the Immigration authorities and obtained a residence certificate), you are entitled to register with your local health centre and receive state healthcare. Most doctors in Portugal are fluent in English. Indeed, a growing number of doctors in the ...

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Healthcare In New Zealand

New Zealand has an excellent public and private healthcare system.  General health is good with no major diseases.  The normal childhood vaccinations are recommended and TB and Hepatitis B in particular. General Health and Vaccinations Tap water is safe to drink, although drinking water direct from streams and lakes does carry a risk from Giardia, a water-borne bacterial parasite that can cause di ...

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Why Does Your Expat Health Insurance Premium Go Up Each Year?

So this is the time of the year. You receive your health insurance bill and are frustrated to find that you need to pay more this year. As a matter of fact, health insurance premiums seem to increase so naturally each year that you may stop asking why. But have you ever wondered, other than inflation, what are the other factors that affect the cost of health insurance globally? This article was wr ...

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How Much Do You Know About Australia’s Healthcare System?

Understanding the Australian healthcare system is a crucial part of living in Australia and here are some important things you need to know about navigating the healthcare system in Australia. This article was written exclusively for Expat Network by BUPA Australia.   Did you know there are two healthcare systems in Australia? Australia has two healthcare systems, one is the public system cal ...

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Expat Health Insurance Prices Cut By 40%

Expat health insurance is one of the major costs for people living and working around the world and options for reducing that cost are always welcome. NowCompare, the world’s largest expat insurance and financial aggregator, has just announced that a massive 40% has been slashed on selected international health insurance policies.   NowCompare.com lists policies from 98 per cent of the world’ ...

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