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Get Access To A British GP Without Returning To The UK

Access to healthcare is a one of the uncertainties for British expats living in other EU countries, particularly if there is a no deal Brexit.  GP On Demand can give expats access to British qualified GPs to get the health advice they need. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Paul Barry, Managing Director of GP On Demand   With the instal ...

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Five Questions To Ask About Health Insurance For Expats Living Abroad

Health insurance is an important option for expats and there are many providers offering different options.  Pacific Prime are insurance brokers and provide professional advice to expats.  They set out five questions to ask before deciding on an expatriate policy to ensure the policy meets your needs. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Pacific Prime   Moving and relocating to a new coun ...

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Three-Quarters Of Expat Men Worried About Local Healthcare

In recognition of Men’s Health Week, new research reveals that the majority of men living abroad are concerned about their local healthcare facilities, with two-thirds prepared to return to their home country for treatment. Four-in-five (84%) male expats have needed to access healthcare since moving abroad, according to new research by AXA – Global Healthcare. However, the research has also reveal ...

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What You Need To Know About Health Insurance For Expats

Whether you are planning on making that life-changing trip or migrating to retire or work abroad, it is imperative to choose the right type of health insurance that will cover your medical needs fully. There are a plethora of insurers and policies, and knowing which one to go for can be a difficult and often daunting process. This is especially the case for those looking to buy health insurance in ...

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Health Insurance: Getting The Best Protection For Your Little Ones

One of the most important responsibilities for moms and dads is to ensure that their child’s physical and mental wellbeing is taken care of. Ensuring that your loved ones have access to the best possible healthcare no matter where you are in the world is, therefore, paramount. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Pacific Prime The right family health plan doesn’t just offset your s ...

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Five Tips For Becoming A Parent Abroad

With the UK celebrating the birth of the Royal baby, Tom Wilkinson of Axa Global Healthcare has been thinking about his own experience of becoming a parent while living abroad. He says it’s an exciting but nerve-wracking time, and when you’re living somewhere new, there can be many unknowns which need navigating before the big day. Written for Expat Network by Tom Wilkinson, CEO, AXA – Global Heal ...

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Becoming A US Citizen? What You Should Know About Medicare

Medicare provides many benefits to those over 65, but what is your eligibility as an expat or a new U.S. citizen to Medicare.  Danielle Kunkle Roberts of Boomer Benefits sets out the rules and how to join Medicare as well as the costs of doing so. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Danielle Kunkle Roberts of Boomer Benefits   Hundreds of thousands of people apply to become a U.S. citize ...

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How Do You Secure Affordable Health Insurance?

Health insurance is getting costlier every year around the world as medical costs continue to rise. Finding healthcare that won’t cost an arm and a leg is at the forefront of many people’s minds, but experience has taught us that the cheapest plan is often too good to be true. Today, Pacific Prime explains what you should pay attention to when seeking the right healthcare solution. Written exclusi ...

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A Second Medical Opinion And You

A second medical opinion can be important when you receive a diagnosis of a serious condition.  Both the accuracy of the diagnosis and the appropriateness of the proposed treatment plan can be reviewed via referral to a second specialist.  Pacific Prime set out when and where you will be able to get a second opinion if you have health insurance. This article was written exclusively for Expat Netwo ...

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Popular Remote Jobs With Health Insurance For Expats

It’s the 21st century, and it’s all about freedom and making one’s dreams come true. And while work opportunities can take you to the other side of the globe, it might leave your spouse or significant other without much prospects in the location. Remote or freelance jobs in many cases are the answer, but, as an expat, you should pay attention to a rather important thing, namely health insurance. T ...

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