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Sponsored: What Expats Should Know About Maternity Insurance

For many, moving to a new country means making big adjustments due to the different culture and systems. If, for example, you were moving from a Scandinavian country that has universal healthcare to an Asian country that does not provide healthcare to new expats, you may find yourself unfamiliar with the private insurance plans that may be needed t ...

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Expats Failing To Secure Health Cover In Advance

Almost three quarters of expats wait until after relocating to purchase health insurance cover, with 54 per cent doing so within two months of arriving and 17 per cent doing so only after experiencing the healthcare facilities available locally. Five per cent of respondents to a survey by AXA’s international healthcare business said that they had still not purchased any form of health insurance co ...

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Huge Hike In Health Fees For Expats In Kuwait

New health charges for expats and visitors in Kuwait are set to increase by almost 500 per cent by mid-February 2017, according to the new price list prepared by the health minister Dr Jamal Al-Harby. The price rise aims to reduce the number of visitors who seek to take advantage of low healthcare charges in the country, reports Arabian Business. Al-Harby said medical service costs are now a burde ...

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Does Moving Abroad Boost Health Of Expats?

Research suggests that most expats believe that, since moving overseas, their physical health (61%) and mental health (64%) are better than they would have been if they had stayed at home. While there is a lot to consider in terms of housing, schooling and work when you head off abroad, the search for a new adventure is a huge draw for expats, with over half saying this was the main reason for dec ...

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Moving To Qatar – Four Things You Should Know

With international hubs and futuristic architecture to be found in places like Doha, Qatar is an exciting place for expats looking for an intercultural experience. Cigna Global, specialists in expat healthcare, have put together this list of four things you should know before your move to Qatar to help make your transition as smooth as possible. 1. Getting around can be challenging The public tran ...

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Rates Fall On Expat Contractor Health Plan

Insurance specialists Bellwood Prestbury have negotiated reductions of up to 25% on the Contractors International Health Plan for expats. The new rates came into force on 1 October and will deliver savings of 25% for contractors aged up to 49 years and 20% for anyone over the age of 50, the company say. Whether onshore or offshore, the International Contractors Health Plan offers a range of medica ...

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Moving To Nigeria – Four Things You Should Know

If you are planning to relocate to Nigeria, make sure you are well informed about different aspects of the country in order to make your transition as smooth as possible. Cigna Global, specialists in expat healthcare, have put together this list of four things you should know to help you prepare before your move to Nigeria.   Safety issues can be a challenging factor The safety issues in Nige ...

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Questions On Expat Healthcare? Help Is At Hand

A new website expathealthcare.com provides fully-independent answers to the many questions you may raise as an expat about making sure you are healthy – and have proper insurance cover – while overseas. Expathealthcare.com is a resource you can use to find out all about healthcare and insurance cover for expats, what you need to know and where to find assistance. On the new site you wi ...

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Expats Are Lax On Health Cover

Nearly 60 per cent of Britons moving abroad do not secure medical insurance cover before they go.   Over four-fifths of respondents to a survey by AXA PPP International feel concerned about accessing quality healthcare while abroad. Yet three-fifths do nothing about it. The urge to live and work abroad is growing, with the research finding that reasons include seeking a new adventure, a bette ...

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Going To An Area Of Conflict? Take Cover

If you are going to a part of the world deemed ‘high risk’ by your government you may need specialist travel insurance to cover you. A new policy is aimed at individuals or groups going from the UK, EEA and overseas dependent territories on business or leisure to areas that are deemed to be high risk. The ‘high-risk’ status is as defined by government advisories and which would not be covered unde ...

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