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Why Do Insurance Premiums Always Seem To Rise Each Year?

Expats that secure their own health insurance quickly learn that their premiums will rise year-on-year. Health policies aren’t like motor policies where, given you’ve made no claims, you’ll find a discount on your premium for the next coverage period. This article from our sponsor, Pacific Prime Dubai, will help explain why health insurance premium ...

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Healthcare For Expats In Thailand

As most Expat Network users know, the world is more globalized than ever before, and people are crossing boundaries all the time to make themselves a home in a new land, whether permanently or for a limited time. As such, some places are becoming hotspots for attracting those looking to work, and live in an exotic locale. This article was written exclusively for Expat Network by Pacific Prime Thai ...

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How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle While Working In Vietnam

If you’ve recently moved to Vietnam for work, or are about to make the leap: congratulations! Vietnam is a wonderful blend of bustling cities, beautiful natural sights, rich history, and vibrant cultures. Vietnam ranked well for economic confidence (12th), work–life balance (19th), entrepreneurship (13th) and career progression (18th) out of 190 countries in the 2017 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, ma ...

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Healthcare In America

Healthcare in America has a reputation for being amongst the most advanced in the world, but coverage is not universal.  For those who can afford it, health insurance gives people access to very sophisticated systems and highly qualified medical practitioners.  However, healthcare in America is very expensive and there are many who are unable to afford health insurance. Medicare and Medicaid, whic ...

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Cover For Winter Travel Accidents

If you’re like many expats around the world, when holiday time rolls around, it’s time to plan a getaway. Whether you are heading back home to spend the season with your family, heading to a remote ski resort to hit the slopes, or you just want to see what your favorite vacation spot is like when it’s covered in snow, the end of December and into the new year can certainly be a popular time for tr ...

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Sponsored: Health Insurance Exclusions You Need To Know

Health insurance is an important consideration for every expat. A robust health policy offers extensive protection against a wide range of medical procedure costs, thus ensuring that the policyholder gets the treatment they need without breaking the bank. One thing to be aware of, however, is that health insurance plans won’t cover everything. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is important to ...

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Sponsored: Which Health Insurance For Expats?

One of the first things that an expat should do when they move to a new country is familiarise themselves with the healthcare system there. Some expats will find themselves moving to locales where they can freely access a publicly subsidised healthcare system (sometimes at no cost). However, others will find that they either don’t have access to the local public healthcare system, or such a system ...

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Taking Care Of Your Mental Health Overseas

Why is expat mental health important? Expat mental health is a critical issue to address because it is the foundation for happiness and satisfaction abroad.  International life presents a unique set of experiences for the expat that can affect mental health. This article was written exclusively for Expat Network by Therapy Solutions Abroad According to InterNations, the top concerns of expats are ...

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Health Guidelines For Canada

Medical and dental care facilities in Canada are of the highest standards, and hospitals and laboratories are well equipped. Fees are comparable to those in countries like the US and will be charged at time of service, if no health insurance has been provided. There are no specific vaccines required for entry into Canada, but all your routine vaccinations should be up to date. These include varice ...

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Health Guidelines For New Zealand

There are no pervasive diseases in New Zealand that would affect travellers or expatrs. There are a few illnesses, however, that can be contracted by drinking water directly from lakes and streams in some areas. Some lakes in South Island are home to a tiny organism that can cause a skin irritation. As the organism is more prevalent in shallow areas, you will be less likely to encounter it in deep ...

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