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Brexit And Britons In EU

It is too early to tell whether there is a serious risk that the Article 50 procedure may result in a chaotic departure of the UK from the EU. But with tempers beginning to fray in some member states, and patience with the British political establishment at an all-time low across the EU, the possibility is increasingly real.  By Elspeth Guild and K ...

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Brexit And Visas: Impact On Expats

After new British Prime Minister Theresa May made her first trip across the continent, the immigration debate continued to broil. Former European partners want to take a hard line on membership of the European Economic Area (EEA), tying the UK back into the freedom of movement with no means to mitigate it. The new Cabinet must wrestle with the mandate of public opinion that demands a significant f ...

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Citizenship And Residency By Investment

Internationally mobile investors and entrepreneurs are often keen to gain the advantages of permanent residence or citizenship in a second country.  Investor Visas or Golden Visas as they are commonly known can facilitate residence or citizenship if you meet the requirements for that country. Residence through investment There are a number of countries around the world where an investment in the c ...

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Understanding Immigration

When travelling abroad to live, work, invest or for any other reason it is important to understand the immigration processes. If you are staying for more than a few months or if you are travelling regularly to the same country ensure that you have taken appropriate professional advice and complied with all relevant laws.  Different countries have different requirements for receiving a visa. These ...

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