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Travel Insurance For Expats: Is It What You Really Need?

If there’s one thing that expats around the world do, it’s travel. This may seem like a really obvious statement, seeing as how a person has to travel in order to become an expat, but one doesn’t have to be a genius to look at expat communities in countries around the globe and see that they travel at a comparatively high rate compared to those tha ...

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Expats’ Special Insurance Needs

Everyone faces risks that require reliable insurance coverage.  Expats face the same risks as well as additional risks caused by their decision to live abroad.  It is important to recognise the risks that you face and to be sure that the coverage does not have terms invalidating the insurance because of your location or because of the fact that you live abroad. Everybody needs to arrange insurance ...

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5 Top Tips For Lowering Your Expat Car Insurance Premiums

Let’s face it: we all want to save money. However, when it comes to securing most forms of insurance – especially expat car insurance – jargon and pricing complexities can make finding the best deal a daunting process. This article was written exclusively for Expat Network by Kwiksure Singapore So, in an effort to bring some transparency to the realm of expat motor insurance, we’ve ask ...

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Expats: Does Contract Provide Kidnap Cover?

As employers send more staff abroad they need to be aware that kidnap and ransom can occur in any region, according to the Health Insurance Group. It says that employers underestimate this risk and need to do more to protect their employees. Approximately 40,000 kidnappings occur every year and over 40% of these are of business personnel or their dependants. Regions with the highest risk such as M ...

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New Options For Expats Seeking Insurance Cover

Research by life insurance advisers Unusual Risks shows that 28% of UK insurance companies offer life insurance products to British expats. Only 7% of providers are prepared to accept an application for critical illness cover from expats. The figure for life insurance was a significant increase from the previous year’s finding of 16% and indicates that British expats now have more options to find ...

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Sponsored: 10% Discount On Wide Range Of Insurance

Silversurfers.com has the largest community of over 50s in the UK and that’s why they are able to offer a special discount to Expat Network members.   So whether you’re over 50 or not, this might be right for your parents, aunts, uncles, granny or grandad. Take a moment to check out the Silversurfers insurance range. Even if you’re looking for travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditi ...

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Income Replacement Insurance

Income replacement policies help replace part of your regular working income while you are off work. The risks covered can include disability, illness, accidents, unemployment or involuntary redundancy. If you buy a policy, you will usually be paid a tax-free monthly income if you find yourself unable to work. You pay a monthly premium to your insurer for your chosen policy which will pay out afte ...

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Life Insurance For Expats

Increasing numbers of people are living and working abroad either permanently or temporarily and, at present, the vast majority of those who have existing life insurance are unlikely to retain their coverage as they do so. The different levels of risk associated with living in different countries makes it impossible for life insurance policies aimed at UK residents to cover all countries internati ...

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Death In Service Insurance

Many people working abroad for UK companies are entitled to death in service benefits either as part of their pension or an employee-run insurance scheme. These will usually pay out up to four times you annual salary as a tax-free lump sum if you die while working for that company. Under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme this sum is often considerably less. It is calculated by multiplying your ...

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Travel Insurance

International health insurance and travel insurance have some similarities in the sense that they both usually cover you for medical expenses abroad. However, there are also some important differences between the two. Travel insurance policies typically cover medical treatment if you fall ill abroad or have an accident while travelling. They usually will not cover you for ongoing treatment or for ...

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