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Can I Get A Mortgage As An Expat?

When living and working abroad many British expats want to retain an interest in the UK property market by investing in a buy-to-let property to get a good return or they buy a property for their family or to leave empty so that it is ready for them when they return home.  Expats from other countries are also attracted to the UK market for its inve ...

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Most Expat Buy-To-Let Loans In South East UK

A majority of UK expat buy-to-let mortgages are concentrated in greater London and the South East, according to new figures. Figures from lender Skipton International show up to 40% of expat mortgage customers are investing in buy-to-let property in Greater London, with another 25% in the South East of England. Just 10% of British expats purchasing property to rent out are investing in either the ...

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Buy-To-Let Mortgage Calculator For Expats

Guernsey-based offshore bank Skipton International has launched a mortgage calculator to help British expats in their property investment planning. The new expat mortgage illustration allows those considering a UK buy-to-let investment to enter the value of the property and its expected rental income. They will then be shown the maximum loan potentially available, and the deposit required. Skipton ...

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Paying Off A UK Mortgage From Abroad

My son and I are both UK non-residents. It is possible that he might return to the UK after some years. I will not return. My son bought a flat in UK and has asked me to pay the remaining mortgage on it. The flat is rented out and is not his/my home. What are the tax, residency status or inheritance implications for both of us, if any, regarding such a transaction, and is it best if I give him £85 ...

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