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British Expats With Sterling Incomes Feel The Pinch

Greater economic uncertainty has contributed to the pound declining in value against the majority of major currencies in the past year, according to latest research from Lloyds Private Banking. Over the past 12 months, the pound has fallen in value – to varying degrees – against 56 of the 60 currencies analysed. This followed a good year for ...

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Sponsored: Low-Cost Currency Transfers

Since 2009, CurrencyFair has been providing low-cost currency transfers, saving their customers up to 88% of the total cost involved, in a market which sees around $5 trillion transferred every single day. Having transferred over €4 billion to date, CurrencyFair is well positioned to increase consumers’ awareness of traditional banking practices (and fees!) in this area. Like all great ideas, nece ...

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Sponsored: Save On Your Currency Transfers

If you’re a British expat with an international money transfer requirement, save by using a currency specialist. The British expat community has grown exponentially in recent times – in total, more than 5 million of us currently live abroad; with an estimated 123,000 jetting off to pastures new last year alone. By Smart Currency So, where do the adventurous among us to tend to gravitate? Wit ...

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Currencies: No Such Thing As A Free Transfer

When making a transfer most people focus solely on getting the best exchange rate. However, hidden extras and commission fees make it hard to know whether that means you have got the best deal. By World First If you are ever promised a ‘free transfer’, you should know that there’s really no such thing. All banks and currency brokers have to make money somehow. They never offer people completely fr ...

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Making International Payments: The Essentials

Currencies can fluctuate quickly and dramatically, and being aware of how this could affect you is all-important. Whatever the reason for your currency transfer, we’ve put together this short guide to help you with the basics of making an international payment. By World First. What are foreign exchange rates? The exchange rate is determined by the value of one country’s currency against another. A ...

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The Brexit Effect On Currencies

On Friday 24 June the UK woke up to the news that the country had voted to leave the European Union by a majority of almost four percentage points. After seemingly buying into the belief that the Remain camp would ultimately emerge victorious, currency markets, particularly the pound, quickly reversed course as the tide of votes showed that a Brexit was an inevitability. By Edd Hardy How do we lea ...

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Brexit: The Bank Of England View

The Bank of England has quickly responded to financial questions raised by the UK’s referendum result on leaving the EU, in a handy Q&A format. What do any financial market movements after the vote mean? The economy will need to adjust to whatever new trading relationships are put in place in the future. These decisions will influence the UK’s long-term economic prospects. Financial markets ca ...

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Predicting The Foreign Exchange Market

There are numerous options that can help you minimise the impact of adverse exchange rate movements on your funds transfer. Nobody can accurately predict future exchange rates consistently and people should be very wary of dealers who claim they can. While keeping in touch with exchange rate fluctuations is important, most people will be better served making sure they are getting a competitive cus ...

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Guide To Overseas Mortgages

If you’re thinking of moving abroad, one of the biggest things you’ll have to consider is the mortgage. Edward Hardy has the answers to some of the questions you’ve been asking about a mortgage overseas.   What are the advantages of taking out a mortgage overseas? As well as the cut-price properties that have been available on the continent since the economic downturn took hold (though ...

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EU/Greek Deal Done, But More Heartache Ahead For Euro

The big news in Europe in the last month is the deal done between the EU and Greece which has given the latter a four-month extension of its financial rescue package, writes Edward Hardy. This will allow Greece time to negotiate and formulate a plan to deal with its ongoing debt burden in a manner that it feels is fairer than the current deal. But with time comes the opportunity to allow things to ...

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