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Why Has My Military Pension Suddenly Reduced?

“Why has my military pension suddenly reduced? Is there anywhere I can find a definitive guide to the Taxing of expatriates’ pensions? I know there are two main categories of expatriates those that are in countries and territories that have reciprocal agreements with and those that don’t.  I know this affects if your pension is fixed or ...

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How Can I Return To The UK To Look After My Mother Without Becoming Tax Resident?

What are the rules on UK tax residency? I am an expat and have been living out of the country for ten years. Last year my sister became terminally ill. She was the main carer for my mother but it is now impossible for her to continue. Please can you tell me what the rules are? I cannot make head nor tail of them. I want to come back and visit but I only have 27 days left and that will take me over ...

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Can I Use Split Year To Reduce My Tax Liability On Return To The UK?

We are returning to the UK after 20 years in Dubai.  My husband has taken redundancy and we were hoping that his salary plus end of service benefit was going to be received and transferred to the UK before our return, unfortunately due to the slow cancellation of Visas etc this is looking less likely.  He has secured new employment in UK starting 12/3, not sure how all this will affect our tax imp ...

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Does My Employer Have To Deduct Tax In The UK?

I may be going to work offshore in Brunei on a 4 on 4 off rota. The money is tax free from Brunei but I have concerns as I will be going back to the UK in my time off.  Is my employer obliged to pay the British tax? Jason Porter of Blevins Franks advises that the tax treaty does discuss less than, or more than, 6 months in the UK, and which country has the taxing rights.  But, there is also a UK r ...

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Where Am I Resident For Tax Purposes?

What is my tax status? I have been an expat since 1982 in the Falklands then the Philippines, apart from one year back in the UK in 1989. I believe I am not resident of the Philippines but a ‘tourist’. The Falklands is paying me a pension and the RAF is about to.  Jason Porter, director of expat financial advisers Blevins Franks, addressed this question, though he pointed out he is not able fully ...

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As An Expat, Why Do I Pay Tax On My UK Pension?

Are you tax resident in the UK? I have lived in Thailand for 12 years and am now 74. I have only been back to the UK once in that time so I consider myself non-resident in the UK. I have been paying UK tax on a private pension since the age of 66 though I have not set foot in the UK in that time. Surely that makes me a non-resident, so why am I paying tax? You are non-UK tax resident, and Thailand ...

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Do I Need To File A UK Tax Return As A Retired UK Expat?

I am a UK retired expat and left the UK in 2006 and have been travelling since then. I divide my time between Asia and Europe, no longer than 3 months in any one country at a time.  I have not filled in tax returns, in that time, but am now looking to settle in Asia full time. What, if any, are my tax liabilities, considering I have been constantly travelling? Trevor Trew of Trew Tax Services resp ...

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Tax On Return To The UK?

We are in the process of considering a return to the UK. We left in April 2015 and we are resident in the Philippines. If we return we plan to sell our property in the Philippines to use as payment for a property in the UK. The question is, will the money to be transferred be subject to UK tax? Jason Porter, a director of expat financial advisers Blevins Franks, answered this question. “The date o ...

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How Do I Land A Job In The Middle East?

I am looking for a job in the Middle East, ideally the UAE, and wondered if you might have some tips about how to go about this? I have experience in the finance, medical and engineering sectors. Rebecca Steele, from expat financial advisers AES International, based in Dubai, answered this. “Having been a job seeker myself in the Middle East my best advice would be to research companies you are in ...

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Tax To Be Paid Twice On Overseas Earnings?

I left the UK for India on 5 March 2017 to work on a two-year contract. My salary is paid into an Indian bank account in rupees and I transfer funds back to the UK. I am thinking of returning to the UK early in December 2017, but I fear I may be taxed in the UK. Jason Porter, director of expat financial advisers Blevins Franks, answered this question. “I would suggest even though you left in the p ...

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