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The Attractions Of Malta

Malta, with its 300 days of sunshine, laid back lifestyle, and long and colourful history has proved a popular spot for both tourists and expats. The total population is around 450,000, but this includes around 60,000 foreign nationals, of which 7,000 hold a UK passport. With its strategic position in the Mediterranean, it has long been the focus f ...

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Healthcare In Malta

Malta’s state healthcare system is of a high standard (ranked recently as 5th in the world) and is available to all residents of Malta, including foreigners who have moved to Malta, free at the point of delivery. EU citizens can get free healthcare with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The public heath services are funded through national insurance and taxation. The state fund provides mos ...

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Passport And Visa Requirements For Malta

A visa is not required for stays of up to three months for EU nationals and those coming from visa-exempted countries.  Visas available are single-entry visas (valid for one month), transit visas (24 hours) and multiple-entry visas (one year). Any non-EU foreigner planning to work in Malta must have an employment licence (formerly known as work permits) issued by the Employment and Training Corpor ...

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Cyprus Investing To Draw In Wealthy Expats

Cyprus is a small island in the Eastern Mediterranean with a rich history and culture spanning 10,000 years.  It is one of the oldest civilisations in the Mediterranean, situated at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa.  This unique geographic position has played an important part in its turbulent past throughout history. The Mycenaean Greeks established their civilis ...

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Healthcare In Cyprus

Cyprus has a good reputation for healthcare with public and private healthcare available.  Many doctors are trained overseas, and the majority speak good English. The public healthcare service is funded by social security payments from those working in Cyprus (both Cypriots and foreign residents).  Free or low-cost healthcare is available to long term residents and EU citizens with an EHIC card.  ...

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Passport And Visa Requirements For Cyprus

Citizens of EU countries and 35 other countries do not require a visa for stays for up to 90 days.  Entry via the Turkish occupied northern areas is illegal and a stamp in your passport from past visits to the north can cause problems. Short-stay/multiple entry visas are generally valid for one year, and allow visits for leisure or business purposes provided the total duration of the stay does not ...

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Downtime In New Zealand

If you move to New Zealand there is no shortage of places to visit when you get a spare moment and even if you are not living there these highlights make it well worth the trip. Milford Sound Milford Sound is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular sites in New Zealand.  The dark blue of the fiord’s water with Mitre Peak (Rahotu) rising in the background makes this a joy for photographers and a si ...

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Expat Partner Or Trailing Spouse

Any decision to take a role abroad is relatively easy if you do not have a partner or family, but as soon as a partner is involved decisions become more complicated.  Although partners and family can provide emotional support and enrich the experience, studies have repeatedly shown that the most common cause of problems with international assignments is issues that the expat partner faces. Written ...

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Taking A Pet To New Zealand

When considering taking your pet with you to New Zealand you should ensure you understand what is involved and be confident that your pet is fit enough to make the journey and to settle in to a new life with you in New Zealand.  You will be responsible for its well-being and for ensuring that it does not annoy or injure other people.  Dogs must be registered with the local city council. If you are ...

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Banking In New Zealand

There are five major banks (ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, and Westpac) and a number of smaller banks in New Zealand.  There are also credit unions and savings banks (similar to building societies or savings and loans) which offer many of the same services and, like banks, are supervised by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and a full list of banks can be found on their website.  There are also a wide ran ...

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The Best Places To Live Or Retire In Spain

Having made the decision to move to Spain what will determine which region you choose to live in?  Work may dictate  the location, but if you are planning to move to retire or take a new lifestyle working for yourself as a digital nomad or by using your trade or profession, the choice is yours. The capital city of Madrid sits in the centre of the country, but most major cities are on or near the c ...

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Banking In Spain

When moving to a new country you should take a look at your banking arrangements.  It is generally possible to use your existing bank from your home country for many purposes, but it is worth opening a local Spanish account for most people.  International Online Banks You can also consider using one of the growing online banks.  Businesses like Ipagoo and Transferwise can provide multi-currency ac ...

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New Zealand – Land Of The Long White Cloud

Thinking of moving to New Zealand?  It is one of the most popular destinations for people wanting to move to a more relaxed and healthy outdoor lifestyle. New Zealand, with its unique blend of Maori and European cultures combined with spectacular scenery, is one of the most popular destinations for both tourists and emigrants.  In a country the size of the UK or Japan, with a population of only 4. ...

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Getting More Out Of The IB

A guide to the International Baccalaureate for parents whose children want to create social change… Is the IB the right fit for your child? Helping your child choose the next step in their education can be a particularly stressful time for parents. There are so many options available but the most important piece of advice is: Consider what feels right for your child Everyone has different re ...

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International Schools Continue To Expand

Over recent years there has been a significant growth in the number of international schools set up around the world. Traditionally the preserve of expats, they are increasingly fuelled by the growing importance of the English language in global business. International schools are now being used by parents as a choice to educate their children locally to ensure that their qualifications and langua ...

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Expatriate Children: Adjusting to a New Environment and Taking Over the World!

While there is no denying that expatriate children have certain invaluable opportunities by being exposed to different (and often multiple) cultures, there can also be a big price to pay: these children may find themselves feeling sad and alone a great deal of the time while being challenged to make new friends and integrate into a new environment that is filled with strange cultures, customs, and ...

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6 Reasons Why Expats Need a VPN

The process of moving abroad can be challenging to say the least, and there’s always plenty to think about and prepare. One aspect of living in a different country that many expats may not initially consider is their online security, and how they can gain unobstructed access to things like social media to keep connected with their friends and family. From staying safe on unsecured Wi-Fi to bypassi ...

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7 Ways To Make Music With Your Toddler

Living as an expat with young children can be challenging. Mum is often carer, playmate and teacher all in one. Avenues for interaction and education are not as straightforward when you’re living in an unfamiliar place and structured classes for things like music can be difficult to find. The great news is, there’s lots of things you can do at home to start to introduce musical concepts to your li ...

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How To Achieve A Great Move Abroad

Katia Vlachos, born of Greek parents in Cameroon, has lived as an expat in Paris, LA, the Netherlands, Vienna and Zurich and so is well placed to write on living the expat life. At the London book launch of her new book, A Great Move, she outlined her top seven tips for a successful expatriate assignment. Having spent a period as an expat in Vienna, struggling to settle whilst surrounded by people ...

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Canada Calling

This vast, resource-rich country stretching over six time-zones is still open to immigrants and has many job opportunities for those with the right skills and qualifications A land of geographic differences and cultural diversity. Canada has a high standard of living with a friendly and sociable people. Within its vast borders, spanning six time-zones, there is a beautiful and varied landscape tha ...

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New Zealand Customs Requirements

When you move to New Zealand there are household items concessions available that mean you will not have to pay GST and duties on most of your items. You cannot claim household concessions for: new and unused items cars scooters motorbikes boats aircraft commercial items. Other types of motor vehicle or craft.   Clearing your items Your shipping company can provide the documents you need and ...

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