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Beware What You Take With You To Australia

Australia has a rigorous approach to protecting its agriculture and tourism industries from pests and diseases brought from abroad. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources manage the arrangements and you can see full details on arrangements on arrival in Australia on the website. All those entering the country are given an Incoming Passen ...

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Choosing A School When Expats Return To UK

When moving to a new expat posting, often the best-known expat school is the obvious choice for your child. Even when there are wider options, often these are restricted by where there are places, or where a company may have a fast-track debenture. By Fiona Hodgkins Perhaps the most complex and challenging school choice of all for expats is when you decide that either it is time to return to the U ...

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Customs Requirements For Entry To America

Household goods and other personal belongings owned and used for at least one year may be taken into America duty free. A complete list of items and valuations is necessary. Items must remain in your possession for at least one year after your arrival in America. Disposing of them in any way during the first year requires customs authorisation. If the shipment is arriving unaccompanied, a customs ...

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Customs Requirements For Entry To Canada

Transfer of household furnishings into Canada is a relatively simple matter, although there is a small administration charge. Paperwork is minimal. Only the owner of the goods or the spouse can clear the shipment through customs; a representative is not eligible to handle the transaction. Personal and household goods can be taken into Canada temporarily without payment of duties or taxes, although ...

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Customs Requirements For Entry To France

Household and personal goods may be shipped into France from another European Union (EU) country without customs formalities, although an inventory must be presented. A non-EU resident planning on moving to France is also allowed furniture and personal effects free of duty, provided the items have be owned and used for at least six months previously. VAT must be paid on items owned for less than s ...

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Customs Requirements For Entry To New Zealand

There are no duties or taxes on household goods taken into New Zealand for personal use. Clothing and other personal items need not have been previously worn or used, but they must be for personal use. Furniture, stereos, refrigerators, and housewares are some items which must have been previously used by the importer in order to be free of duties. It facilitates the landing of your household good ...

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Customs Requirements For Entry To Spain

Visitors taking up residence in Spain may import household goods and furnishings and personal effects free from duty and VAT if the items have been used for at least sixmonths for a citizen of a non-EU country. They must have a certificate of change of residence issued by the shipper’s Embassy/Consulate at origin, stating that the importer has been registered as resident at origin for a peri ...

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Despite Brexit, Britons Still Keen To Move To The EU

Despite fears that Britons will not be so well-off, welcome or cared-for in mainland Europe after Brexit, there are signs that many of us still want to find a retirement ‘place in the sun’. There is a rush to find that sunny home on the Mediterranean while the Brexit talks continue. Enquiries to a company that helps those moving to Europe have more than doubled in the past year. Blevins Franks, wh ...

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Expats With Kids Take Six Months To Settle

Despite the benefits of raising a family abroad, parents and children alike take time to settle into their new life. However, the challenge can bring families closer together, according to new data. Almost half of expat parents say their children take longer than six months to feel at home in their new country, with 25% saying they take more than a year, according to the HSBC Expat Explorer survey ...

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Expats: How To Select An International School

Moving to a new job, a new town, a new country – effectively a new life – is challenging. Add in the fear and guilt that you are disrupting your children’s lives, that they may struggle to adapt, and your anxiety and stress levels soar. By Fiona Hodgkins Although local schools offer the best opportunity to learn the local language, as well as experiencing the indigenous culture a ...

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Finding Expat Schools In America

As an alternative to American public and private schools, there are a number of international and foreign-language schools. The latter are concentrated in areas where there are large communities of foreign diplomats and businesspeople, notably New York City and Washington, DC. While international schools accept students of all nationalities, instruction is usually in English. The curricula, howeve ...

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Finding Expat Schools In Canada

The quality of education in Canada is high. The educational system is administered by the provinces, and primary and secondary education is free. As an alternative to public and private schools, there are a number of international and foreign-language schools. These tend to be concentrated in areas where there are large communities of foreign diplomats and businesspeople, notably Toronto, Vancouve ...

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Finding Expat Schools In France

When deciding between a French school and an international school, parents have several factors to consider. A local school offers the advantages of acquiring fluency in French, broader acquaintanceships with French children and their culture. Young children typically adapt well to the French system, becoming comfortable within a matter of months. For older students, the adjustment takes longer an ...

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Finding Expat Schools In New Zealand

Many expat families opt to place their children in one of New Zealand’s excellent public or private schools. There are more than 20 schools in New Zealand, most in the Auckland area, that offer an International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. Some are private and some are state-sponsored. More than a dozen schools offer the Primary Years Programme, one school offers the Middle Years Programme, ...

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Finding The Right School

Viable and attractive school options will be a major factor when relocating with family. The choice will generally be between sending your child(ren) to an international or a local school. The Expat Network Destination Pages include information on the local school systems, international school and pre-school options. International Schools International schools can provide real advantages: They are ...

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Sponsored: Five Tips To Avoid Culture Shock

Moving to a new country is very exciting but adapting to a new culture can be stressful and make you feel confused and disorientated. Preparing your expatriation to a new country should be coupled with in-depth research of your new country in order to avoid culture shock. By AGS Movers When you move to a foreign country you should allow yourself an adjustment period to adapt to the new country’s c ...

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Making The Move To Be An Expat In Spain

Once you have decided to relocate you have to choose from the many removals companies operating between the UK and your destination. You then have to decide between exclusive transportation or a cheaper shared-vehicle option. By Julie Bridge Simon’s move from Leamington Spa to Almeria in Spain used shared transport provided by Matthew James Global Relocations (MJG). But is the potential stress of ...

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Moving Your Home Contents

Before beginning to pack make sure that you have thought through what you should take with you. Make a list! It is best to reduce the amount of home contents you take with you, as you may be fitting into something much smaller. First of all, what are you thinking of taking with you? Furniture – You may be in furnished or unfurnished accommodation, but even if you will be moving into empty accommod ...

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Moving With Family

Any international move is complicated, but moving with family takes even more planning. The first challenge is to deliver the message to the family. This will require a detailed discussion; they are likely to have a large number of questions but it may not be easy to get them to ask them initially. Children of different ages will require different levels of support. With support, however, they wil ...

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Passport And Visa Needs To Enter America

Be sure to have the right visa for your trip to America by following these guidelines. Allow plenty of lead time to obtain detailed information and prepare the required credentials. All visitors to America must possess valid passports, including Canadian and Mexican citizens. Every family member should have his or her own passport. Expiration dates should be six months or more beyond the expected ...

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Passport And Visa Needs To Enter Australia

Be sure to have the right visa for your trip to Australia by following these guidelines, including changes to the skilled worker 457 visa programme. All visitors to Australia must possess a passport valid for six months longer than the intended stay, a visa, and an Incoming Passenger Card. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Visa Wizard can help you determine which visa typ ...

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