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Moving To Australia Checklist: Tips For A Stress Free Move

Researching your move to Australia? Read Crown Relocations’ tips for a seamless move Downunder. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Crown Relocations   Gaining a visa Visa documentation can be a key cause of stress when planning an international move. Immigration to Australia is calculated on a points system, based on factors such as if your o ...

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How To Have Peace Of Mind As An Expat

Being an expat has its benefits and can also expose you to more unknowns. What would happen if you were injured or unwell and unable to work? Clements Worldwide have compiled a quick checklist to help you in your planning and what you might need in your new home country. Don’t leave anything to chance and enjoy the great moments of being an expat. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Clements ...

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Top 6 Tips For Trailing Husbands

From questions of identity to adjusting career goals and fears of putting everything on hold, becoming a trailing husband can be difficult at times. But it is also a hugely rewarding experience. Before you pack your bags, check out these six tips to help make the transition smoother as you move into your new role. Written exclusively by Elliott Asbury of Living the Flipside   I will never for ...

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Travel Tips For Expats

It’s no secret that expats are on the road a lot. It’s also no secret that all of this travel can often hurt an expat’s wallet in the long run. It’s for that reason that we’ve put together this article with some travel tips for expats to help you save time and money. Written exclusively for Expat Network by AirHelp   Expats travel – a lot. If you identify as an expat, then simply by tha ...

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New Visa To Bring Your Parents To Australia

A new Parent Visa option is opening for eligible Australian citizens or permanent residents to bring their parents to Australia temporarily for up to ten years. The new visa will however be capped to only 15,000 people per year. Read on to discover more and find out if you could be eligible to sponsor your parents. Written by Sheila Woods of Interstaff 19 March 2019   Australia’s new Temporar ...

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The Benefits Of Learning A Language For The Expat Community

Learning a language is not always essential but it have a real positive impact on life as an expat and help you to settle in to your new life.  Peter Jenkins of Sun-hat Villas & Resorts sets out the benefits. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Peter Jenkins, Managing Director of Sun-hat Villas & Resorts   Whether you’re jetting off for work or packing up your things to live on s ...

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Why Do Expats Fear Coming Home?

Living the expat dream is a lifestyle choice that many people would seize if they had the opportunity. The chance to experience different cultures, climates and lifestyles is a prospect too exciting to ignore, and with international travel and trade opening up employment opportunities across the globe, the global expat population is estimated to rise from 66.2m last year to 87.5m in 2021.   Writte ...

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Life As An Expat – A Positive Experience

The latest HSBC Expat Explorer Survey certainly paints a positive picture of life as an expat. Expats say that the move has given them a more positive outlook in life (41%), a better overall quality of life (52%) and a better work/life balance (53%). Financially it is rewarding, with US$99,900 reported as the average expat income up 25% over their earnings at home.  14% even indicate that they hav ...

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Five Ways Expats Can Integrate Themselves In A New Country

There are many challenges when moving to another country.  Kevin Melton of AXA – Global Healthcare offers some practical advice on how to adapt to life abroad, rather than being overwhelmed Written for Expat Network by Kevin Melton, Sales and Marketing Director, AXA – Global Healthcare   Moving to a new location can be as daunting as it is exciting. Whether you’re moving 100, 1,000 or even 10 ...

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Top 5 Secrets To Learning Any Language Faster

When moving to a new country there are many challenges.  Learning a new language has many challenges and many advantages.  Fluency Corp give their top tips to help you to learn a new language. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Fluency Corp   Speaking the local language makes every aspect of adjusting to life in a new country easier. You’ll work more efficiently, navigate daily li ...

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Five Tips When Having A Baby Abroad

Having a baby is one of the most life-changing experiences a person can go through. It’s an exciting but nerve-wracking time, and when you’re living somewhere new, there can be many unknowns which need navigating before the big day – from maternity leave timescales to hospital stays. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Andy Edwards, Chief Customer Officer, AXA – Global Healthcare   Not k ...

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Renting Property In New Zealand

Renting property in New Zealand is a very good option for those who are only staying for a limited period.  It is also a good option when you first arrive to allow you to get to know the local property market before considering buying a home. The Department of Building and Housing has standard agreements and it is easiest when this is used as it will not need to be reviewed by a lawyer.  There are ...

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How To Take Your Vehicle To New Zealand

If you are moving to New Zealand and taking up residence you may not have to pay tax on importing your vehicle, but there are certification and other requirements you will need to comply with.   Should I take my vehicle to New Zealand? Before deciding to take a vehicle with you when moving to New Zealand you should be clear why you want to take it with you.  If it is a classic car with sentim ...

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Finding A Job In New Zealand

Whether you are planning to work in New Zealand for a few years or emigrate permanently you will need to find a job and understand your visa options.  Finding a job in New Zealand is similar to anywhere else in the world but we set out some of the issues you will face so you can plan your move. In order to work in New Zealand you will need a visa and you can find more details in our article Visa O ...

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Where Are The Best Places To Live In New Zealand?

There are many factors that will decide where to live in New Zealand.   For most the work that you will be doing will determine where you will be living.  Wherever you live you will be close to the stunning scenery and have access to an outdoor lifestyle.  The cities around the country have rather different attractions and we set out the options below: Auckland Auckland is New Zealand’s largest ci ...

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The Attractions Of Malta

Malta, with its 300 days of sunshine, laid back lifestyle, and long and colourful history has proved a popular spot for both tourists and expats. The total population is around 450,000, but this includes around 60,000 foreign nationals, of which 7,000 hold a UK passport. With its strategic position in the Mediterranean, it has long been the focus for many different powers, including the Phoenician ...

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Healthcare In Malta

Malta’s state healthcare system is of a high standard (ranked recently as 5th in the world) and is available to all residents of Malta, including foreigners who have moved to Malta, free at the point of delivery. EU citizens can get free healthcare with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The public heath services are funded through national insurance and taxation. The state fund provides mos ...

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Passport And Visa Requirements For Malta

A visa is not required for stays of up to three months for EU nationals and those coming from visa-exempted countries.  Visas available are single-entry visas (valid for one month), transit visas (24 hours) and multiple-entry visas (one year). Any non-EU foreigner planning to work in Malta must have an employment licence (formerly known as work permits) issued by the Employment and Training Corpor ...

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Cyprus Investing To Draw In Wealthy Expats

Cyprus is a small island in the Eastern Mediterranean with a rich history and culture spanning 10,000 years.  It is one of the oldest civilisations in the Mediterranean, situated at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa.  This unique geographic position has played an important part in its turbulent past throughout history. The Mycenaean Greeks established their civilis ...

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Healthcare In Cyprus

Cyprus has a good reputation for healthcare with public and private healthcare available.  Many doctors are trained overseas, and the majority speak good English. The public healthcare service is funded by social security payments from those working in Cyprus (both Cypriots and foreign residents).  Free or low-cost healthcare is available to long term residents and EU citizens with an EHIC card.  ...

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Passport And Visa Requirements For Cyprus

Citizens of EU countries and 35 other countries do not require a visa for stays for up to 90 days.  Entry via the Turkish occupied northern areas is illegal and a stamp in your passport from past visits to the north can cause problems. Short-stay/multiple entry visas are generally valid for one year, and allow visits for leisure or business purposes provided the total duration of the stay does not ...

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