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Healthcare In Malta

Malta’s state healthcare system is of a high standard (ranked recently as 5th in the world) and is available to all residents of Malta, including foreigners who have moved to Malta, free at the point of delivery. EU citizens can get free healthcare with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The public heath services are funded through national i ...

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Passport And Visa Requirements For Malta

A visa is not required for stays of up to three months for EU nationals and those coming from visa-exempted countries.  Visas available are single-entry visas (valid for one month), transit visas (24 hours) and multiple-entry visas (one year). Any non-EU foreigner planning to work in Malta must have an employment licence (formerly known as work permits) issued by the Employment and Training Corpor ...

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The Attractions Of Malta

Malta, with its 300 days of sunshine, laid back lifestyle, and long and colourful history has proved a popular spot for both tourists and expats. The total population is around 450,000, but this includes around 60,000 foreign nationals, of which 7,000 hold a UK passport. With its strategic position in the Mediterranean, it has long been the focus for many different powers, including the Phoenician ...

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