New To America? How To Get A US Credit Card

When moving to America, one of first problems faced by expats is how to get a US credit card when they do not yet have any local credit history.

The CreditStacks revolutionary behavioral risk model enables the issuing of premium Mastercards for credit-deserving professionals who lack US financial history.

This article was written exclusively for Expat Network by CreditStacks Inc

CreditStacks is a California-based credit card company offering premium credit cards to prime, new-to-credit customers. The CreditStacks Mastercard is geared towards global professionals relocating to the United States. The offering aims to fulfil a crucial and fundamental need for global professionals relocating to the U.S. on work visas.

Every professional moving to the U.S. faces the same credit barriers. Despite their income or how stellar of a financial track record they might have had in their home countries, it remains extremely difficult to secure a credit card without local credit history. The CreditStacks card is a revolutionary product providing quality applicants with a high credit line and great terms from day one. Issued by First Century Bank, N.A., the CreditStacks Mastercard credit offering is leading a paradigm shift in the credit industry and recognizing the true value and potential of this previously underserved market segment.

With CreditStacks cutting-edge behavioral risk models, relocatees are seen for more than just their credit history. Creditworthy professionals can now get the card they deserve and start their American life the way they should. As such, relocatees no longer need to rely on the limiting traditional credit scoring system that is practiced by most U.S. financial institutions.

CreditStacks CEO and Founder Elnor Rozenrot recounts what made him decide to embark on the credit endeavor. “I remember the first time I went to the bank in the U.S. I had just successfully sold a company I founded and moved to the U.S. I was talking to the leading thinkers in the industry, and I found myself standing in front of a clerk at the bank who was explaining that since I don’t have any credit history all I could get was a debit card. Instead of seeing it as a problem, I saw it as a challenge,” said Rozenrot. “We couldn’t find a credit company that would treat us right, so we started our own.”


The CreditStacks Advantage

-No local credit history needed

-No Social Security number needed to apply

-No annual fees

-A $5,000 credit limit

-No penalty APR

-Reporting to all three major U.S. credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian

-Advanced approval (The CreditStacks application process allows applicants to be approved up to 60 days before they move to the U.S. With other major credit card issuers, you may have to wait until you arrive in the U.S. before applying).

-Travel and Safety benefits including theft protection and anti-fraud

-No foreign transaction fees


CreditStacks does away with traditional credit barriers for prime, new to credit professionals relocating to the U.S. CreditStacks’ revolutionary behavioral risk model enables the issuing of premium Mastercards for credit-deserving professionals who lack U.S. financial history.

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