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Sponsored: Protect Your Financial Future

Protect your financial future! The U.S. imposes taxes on the income of its citizens, regardless of where they live. Australia is home to the sixth largest American population in the world, and U.S. expats in Australia experience the financial consequences of U.S. tax compliance more acutely than those in other countries, leading many to renounce th ...

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Top Savings Rates For Expats – July

Many expats can benefit from using offshore bank savings accounts. They are useful for working in different currencies and for gathering interest without deduction of taxes. By Iain Yule See the article ‘British Expats – Do You Need An Offshore Bank Account?’.   The best current offering for sterling offshore savers is Standard Bank’s 1.2%, if you have £10,000 and can give 196 days’ notice of with ...

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Expats Relocate For Better Careers

Research has shown that 30 per cent of expats said that they relocated for better career opportunities and a quarter listed increased pay and benefits. A further 15 per cent relocated for an improved work/life balance. The research, by global healthcare provider AXA, also found that 14 per cent moved for a better environment to raise a family. Just 9 per cent said that they moved to a new country ...

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British Expats In EU Offered New Rights

The UK government has proposed keeping current healthcare and pensions rights for British citizens living in European Economic Area (EEA) countries after Brexit. In a June 2017-published.policy document the British government said it will maintain reciprocal healthcare rights and the ‘triple lock’ on pensions for the 1.2 million UK citizens currently living in the EU. Britons living in ...

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Ten Best Countries For An Expat Career

More than one in three expats mention their job or business as their most important reason for relocating. 15 per cent moved abroad because they found a job on their own, and 13 per cent were sent abroad by their employer. Not all destinations where expats are particularly satisfied with their individual career options are rated just as positively for the state of the local economy. While countrie ...

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Should I Bill Through A Company Or Direct?

I’m working with a German contractor, billing it for my services through my UK limited company. I have heard that after two years contracting by German law they need to employ me direct. Is this correct? Nick Broughton of Capital-GES answered this enquiry.   “If you are working in Germany on a contract for any period of time it’s not legal to use your UK limited company unless it’s registered ...

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Terrorism Disruption Cover Part Of New Travel Plan

Voyager Insurance Services has launched Voyager Plus Travel Insurance, which rebrands and replaces its former WEBroker Travel Insurance product with new features. The plan includes the following new features added for 2017: No upper age limit for single trips Emergency medical expenses increased to £20 million Ability to increase cancellation cover up to £10,000 Ability to increase annual multi-tr ...

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Saudi Arabia Collects New Tax On Expats

From July, Saudi Arabia is collecting a new tax from expats and their dependants, a move that is seen to boost the country’s revenues amid weak oil prices. The new fee will be 100 Saudi riyals (SAR) per dependant per month, around £21 or $27. The amount is expected to increase gradually every year until 2020. By next year, the figure will double to SAR200 and increase to SAR300 in 2019 and SAR400 ...

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Sponsored: Is Employer Health Cover Enough?

When a person becomes an expat, there are many things to worry about upon arriving in a new home country. Fortunately for many, health insurance is often not among them, as employers will have a group insurance policy that an expat employee and their family can join. Are these group insurance plans all they’re cracked up to be, though? Here, insurance broker and international health insurance spec ...

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Expats: Consider The Basics Of Wealth Management

In managing your money you may wish first to consider your residence and tax situation before looking at the principles of investing. By Iain Yule First of all – where are you resident? If you are British, make sure you are truly UK non-resident, meaning you do not have to pay UK income tax (and may also avoid capital gains tax). A statutory definition of tax residence was introduced in the UK wit ...

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