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Malta In The Med: Home To Property Tax Breaks

The small Mediterranean island of Malta is proving attractive to property buyers and features tax advantages to those who come to live, invest in a home and retire. Having registered the highest GDP growth rate in Europe in 2015 and the fourth lowest unemployment rate in the EU, Malta is making a name for itself which extends far beyond its reputat ...

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An Italian Idyll For Property Buyers?

Featuring high on the list of Britons’ favourite retirement destinations, Italy has a highly varied property market for you to choose from in mountains, fertile valleys and seafronts. It is best to begin your home search in Italy as soon as possible. Although good housing is available, it may take some time to find the most agreeable situation – for example, ample space, proximity to ameniti ...

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Sponsored: Buy Your Dream Mountain Home In Switzerland

There are numerous reasons why people consider buying property in Switzerland. It is arguably the world’s ultimate ‘safe haven’ offering political, legal and economic stability as well as the stable Swiss franc, a traditional store of value.  By Alpine Property Search & Swiss Alps Properties Add in Switzerland’s high quality of life, low crime rates, low taxes, outstanding construction, superi ...

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Top Savings Rates For Expats – February

Many expats can benefit from using offshore bank savings accounts. They are useful for working in different currencies and for gathering interest without deduction of taxes.   By Iain Yule See the article ‘British Expats – Do You Need An Offshore Bank Account?’.   The best current offering for sterling offshore savers is Standard Bank’s 1.2%, if you have £10,000 and can give 196 days’ notice ...

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Buying Property In Switzerland

Switzerland is popular among the international community for the sense of reliability, stability and security it offers, its quality of life, education and construction, and its position in the heart of continental Europe. This has led to great demand from overseas for Swiss residence or second homes. By Swiss Alps Properties The Swiss had feared that overseas buyers were pushing up property price ...

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How Are Expat Savings Protected?

When you have worked hard to build up your savings, it is important to understand what level of protection you will receive in the event the financial institution is unable to repay your money. For peace of mind you should establish what investor protection you have with each of your banks, and how it works, says Jason Porter, director of expat financial advisers Blevins Franks. The same applies f ...

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Sponsored: Managing Your Currency Transfers In 2017

Now that 2017 is in full swing have your New Year resolutions gone by the wayside? Giving up on that musical instrument you’ve been meaning to learn, or missing a few – or most – of your planned visits to the gym is an annual tradition. But if reducing your expenditure was top of your list of good intentions, there’s every chance you fully intend seeing it through. After all, the health of our fin ...

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Sponsored: Your Currency Guide For 2017

2016 wasn’t the greatest year that we’ve seen in our life, with Brexit, Donald Trump’s surprise election win and the fall of the pound; expats everywhere were unsure what the uncertain future holds By TransferGo Of course, there are negatives to each of these events, there are also positives regarding Brexit and Trump and it’s important we take the bad with the good. So with these in mind, here ar ...

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Abu Dhabi Expat Housing Fee Backdated To 2016

A ‘housing fee’ for expats in Abu Dhabi of 3 per cent has been backdated to March 2016 and is due in a single payment. The fee for 2017 will be split into monthly instalments, which began in January, and will be included in monthly utility bills The expat housing fee in Abu Dhabi will be backdated to when the decree was issued and has to be paid in a single payment, an Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) ...

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Huge Hike In Health Fees For Expats In Kuwait

New health charges for expats and visitors in Kuwait are set to increase by almost 500 per cent by mid-February 2017, according to the new price list prepared by the health minister Dr Jamal Al-Harby. The price rise aims to reduce the number of visitors who seek to take advantage of low healthcare charges in the country, reports Arabian Business. Al-Harby said medical service costs are now a burde ...

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