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Greenback Tax Webinar:  Expat Tax Fact Check – Facts and Fiction

Greenback Expat Tax Services is hosting their latest webinar on July 24th   This is a FREE, live, interactive webinar for US expats who may have missed the June 15th deadline! Join host David McKeegan, Co-Founder of Greenback and one of Greenback’s expat–specialist accountants to learn about: The who, what, when, where, and how of expat tax fi ...

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Travel Insurance For Expats: Is It What You Really Need?

If there’s one thing that expats around the world do, it’s travel. This may seem like a really obvious statement, seeing as how a person has to travel in order to become an expat, but one doesn’t have to be a genius to look at expat communities in countries around the globe and see that they travel at a comparatively high rate compared to those that choose to stay in their home countries. This art ...

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Expats’ Special Insurance Needs

Everyone faces risks that require reliable insurance coverage.  Expats face the same risks as well as additional risks caused by their decision to live abroad.  It is important to recognise the risks that you face and to be sure that the coverage does not have terms invalidating the insurance because of your location or because of the fact that you live abroad. Everybody needs to arrange insurance ...

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British Pensioners Could Face £10bn Being Wiped From Pension Pots

According to an analysis conducted by financial advisory consultancy, Hoxton Capital Management, the average pension pot of over-65 Britons living abroad has reached £210,000. In volatile years, they report, currency market fluctuations removed as much as 20% from British pensioners’ spending power. Based on the amount of British citizens aged 65 and over living in EU countries having reached 247, ...

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Top Savings Rates For Expats – July

Here are the latest expat savings rates. Many expats can benefit from using offshore bank savings accounts. They are useful for working in different currencies and for gathering interest without deduction of taxes. See the article ‘British Expats – Do You Need An Offshore Bank Account?’ The best current offering for sterling offshore savers (with notice period) is Skipton International’s 1.25%, if ...

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The Fry Group Opens In Dubai

The Fry Group, which currently has offices in the UK, Belgium, Hong Kong and Singapore announce that they have opened an office in Dubai.  They have appointed Stuart McCulloch to head the office and lead the development of their business in the Middle East. Stuart McCulloch brings with him 27 years’ experience in regulated financial services in the UK and the Middle East.  The company said McCullo ...

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Which Are The Most Expensive Cities In The World?

Expats are used to seeing surveys saying that Singapore is one the most expensive cities in the world. Sovereign have just produced a tax adjusted cost of living index, the Sovereign Worldwide Cost-of-Living Index, to give a more meaningful measure for those planning to live abroad rather than just visit. The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) has published its annual Worldwide Cost-of-Living Survey ...

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World’s Best Airlines And Airports

Airhelp, the air passenger rights company has announced the results of its 2018 evaluation of the world’s airlines and airports. Airhelp rates the airlines and airports on quality of service, on-time performance, claims processing and online consumer sentiment. Airlines Qatar Airways tops the list of airlines beating Singapore Airlines, last year’s winner. This was achieved with improvements in on ...

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Falling Expat Mortgage Interest Rates Favour Expat Buyers

Offshoreonline report that when expat house buyers return in the busy summer buying period they will have a significant negotiating edge due to the recent falls in expat mortgage interest rates and the effect of a weak housing market in the UK. “The availability of lower expat mortgage rates, whilst at the same time, many regions in the UK are reporting softer domestic housing demand and falling p ...

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US Expats Resent Continuing US Tax Requirement

Greenback Expat Tax Services’ 2018 US Expat Opinion Survey,based on input from over 3,800 expats, highlights the unpopularity of the requirement for US expats to file US taxes while living abroad as well as concerns about their representation in the politics back at home. Greenback report that 67% of US expats do not believe there should be a requirement for filing US taxes marginally up from last ...

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