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Top Savings Rates For Expats – June

Here are the latest expat savings rates. Many expats can benefit from using offshore bank savings accounts. They are useful for working in different currencies and for gathering interest without deduction of taxes. See the article ‘British Expats – Do You Need An Offshore Bank Account?’ The best current offering for sterling offshore savers is Sant ...

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Top 6 Tips For Trailing Husbands

From questions of identity to adjusting career goals and fears of putting everything on hold, becoming a trailing husband can be difficult at times. But it is also a hugely rewarding experience. Before you pack your bags, check out these six tips to help make the transition smoother as you move into your new role. Written exclusively by Elliott Asbury of Living the Flipside   I will never for ...

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How To Find Your First Expat Job

The idea of finding a job abroad is very appealing for a wide range of reasons. For some people there are clear financial benefits and career-boosting opportunities. Others may find the idea of living abroad a romantic experience that should be seized at every opportunity. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Sabrina Bucknole on behalf of Aetna International   Whatever the reason, the wor ...

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Lack Of Job Opportunities Stopping Brits Moving Aboard

Many are open to the idea of moving to work abroad, but a survey by Crown Relocations looked at what quality of lifers are looking for when they move abroad and where they look for the support that they need when making the move.   International employers need to create job opportunities to motivate Brits to move overseas, according to a survey of 1,000 people. Over half of quality of lifers, ...

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Which Are The Most Expensive Countries For Expatriates?

Looking at which are the most expensive countries for expatriates, the ECA International annual MyExpatriate Market Pay report surveys the cost of benefits, salaries and tax treatments in countries around the world in order to assist companies with benchmarking their expatriate packages when relocating staff. Benefits include the allowance to cover essential costs such as accommodation, internatio ...

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Trend In Dependent Visas Generally Positive But Not In All Markets

Dependent visas allow spouses and family members to travel for the purpose of accompanying a family member with a corresponding visa type. Fragomen’s research shows a generally positive trend in many countries but sees a constriction in some countries.   Fragomen, the leading immigration law firm, has published research on the workings of immigration systems across 113 countries.   The research in ...

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Travel Tips For Expats

It’s no secret that expats are on the road a lot. It’s also no secret that all of this travel can often hurt an expat’s wallet in the long run. It’s for that reason that we’ve put together this article with some travel tips for expats to help you save time and money. Written exclusively for Expat Network by AirHelp   Expats travel – a lot. If you identify as an expat, then simply by tha ...

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“Brexodus” And The Future For EU-Based UK Nationals

With continuing uncertainty over Brexit there is the potential for a “Brexodus” with many Brits currently living in the EU deciding to return to the UK.  Phil Nash of the Immigration Advice Service sets out the position for any returning Brits. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Phil Nash on behalf of the Immigration Advice Service – an organization of leading UK immigration solicitors. ...

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Five Tips For Becoming A Parent Abroad

With the UK celebrating the birth of the Royal baby, Tom Wilkinson of Axa Global Healthcare has been thinking about his own experience of becoming a parent while living abroad. He says it’s an exciting but nerve-wracking time, and when you’re living somewhere new, there can be many unknowns which need navigating before the big day. Written for Expat Network by Tom Wilkinson, CEO, AXA – Global Heal ...

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How To Save Money On Currency Exchange

International payments expose you to exchange rates and getting the best rate can save you money. Specialists Currency Fair explain the impact of exchange rates and how much you can save. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Currency Fair   Nobody likes getting short-changed, especially when the sums involved are significant. Before making your international money transfer it can pay to d ...

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