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Skipton Extends Expat Lending To Include Studio Apartments

Skipton International, who provide buy-to-let mortgages for British expats in England, Wales and Scotland, has responded to the increasing demand for all types of investment buy-to-let property, by extending the terms of its mortgage proposition to include studio apartments valued at £250,000 and above. Broadening the scope of its lending criteria ...

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What Are The Consequences Of A No Deal Brexit For British Expats?

With Theresa May’s Chequers plan firmly rejected by Donald Tusk, President of the EU as well as by her fellow leaders within the EU where does this leave us now?  Many are predicting that there will inevitably be a ‘no deal’ Brexit focusing attention on the contingency plans announced in August.  Others cling to the hope that there will be a second referendum where people will call a halt to Brexi ...

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Why Expat Tenants Need Home Insurance

Even before you moved to Hong Kong, you may have heard about the highly unaffordable rent in the city, which always ranks top among the world’s most expensive housing markets. This perennial problem has become so extreme that a resident needs to spend 19.4 years without any other expenditure in order to be able to afford a home, according to the latest Wallstreetcn report. As such, it is a norm fo ...

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Don’t Miss the US Tax Compliance Boat – OVDP Ends Sept 2018

If you are an American citizen or green card holder living abroad who has unreported assets and income, time is running out to take advantage of a critical Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) tax compliance program. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Kevin Sweeney, Senior Counsel, Chamberlain Hrdlicka   Here’s why. Effective September 28, 2018, the IRS will end its Offshore Voluntary ...

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International Schools Continue To Expand

Over recent years there has been a significant growth in the number of international schools set up around the world. Traditionally the preserve of expats, they are increasingly fuelled by the growing importance of the English language in global business. International schools are now being used by parents as a choice to educate their children locally to ensure that their qualifications and langua ...

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What Is The Most Expensive Place To Raise A Family? – Global Study

Today, new research by leading price comparison website MoneySuperMarket reveals that the UK is the most expensive place to raise a family. The running costs associated with a four-person family in the UK exceeded those of Spain, USA, Germany and Sweden due to the high costs of rent, utility bills and groceries. The data is based on the average monthly cost of property, utility bills and grocery s ...

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The Most And Least Liveable Cities In The World 2018

The Economic Intelligence Unit has published its 2018 Global Liveability Index, looking at the most and least liveable cities in the world. The survey assesses 140 cities around the world to establish which provide the best and worst living conditions: Vienna has taken the top spot overtaking Melbourne who have topped the survey for seven consecutive years. The rating is based on over 30 qualitati ...

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Skilling Australia Fund Levy Comes Into Effect

On 12 August the Skilling Australia Fund levy commenced. The SAF levy is a levy payable by employers nominating overseas skilled workers for Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) (subclass 482), Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) (subclass 186) and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) (subclass 187).  The SAF levy replaces the Training Benchmarks, which required visa sponsors to show that they had sp ...

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Missing The Tastes Of Home? COMPETITION To Win A British Gift Box!

What do British Expats miss the most about home? Whilst expats are generally motivated by the lure of adventure, opportunity and new lifestyles and experiences, most do come to miss those little things that we all take granted. Culture, history, sense of humour and even the weather are things Brits often cite as things they miss about home. But surprisingly, the thing that many expats miss the mos ...

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