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Top Savings Rates For Expats – March

Here are the latest expat savings rates. Many expats can benefit from using offshore bank savings accounts. They are useful for working in different currencies and for gathering interest without deduction of taxes. See the article ‘British Expats – Do You Need An Offshore Bank Account?’ The best current offering for sterling offshore savers (with n ...

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Turkish Airlines Seeks New Cockpit Crew

The airline has grown fast and is recruiting across the board. Turkish Airlines is recruiting up to 600 more cockpit crew with vacancies for captains, first officers and flight instructors now available and open to everyone. The positions are open for aircraft including the B737, A320, A330, A340 and the B777. Both type-rated and non-type rated captains and first officers are required immediately ...

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Oil & Gas Hiring Scales Back

Current market conditions have caused global oil and gas professionals to remain cautious in the negotiating process, according to Rigzone’s latest Global Hiring Survey.  More than 55% of global hiring managers reported that they have not seen an increase in the number of candidates asking for more money in the last three months. With that being said, for companies still in the market for talent, ...

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Need For Construction Workers Keeps Building in Australia

Expat builders looking for a chance to start a new life in Australia should pack their bags, because the number of opportunities opening up in the construction industry continues to grow, writes Fiona Mayers. Recent figures from the building and construction survey, carried out by Master Builders Australia, have confirmed that the construction industry is on the rise. The survey revealed some very ...

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Bad Expat Financial Advice Costs Money

British expats face losing tens of thousands of pounds through overly risky and poorly diversified investment portfolios, according to a financial advisory firm. Undertrained advisers operating in expat hotspots such as Spain, the Middle East and Asia, are jeopardising investors’ cash by recommending high risk funds while also failing to properly diversify clients’ portfolios, it is said. David No ...

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Hidden Commissions Erode Expat Wealth

High hidden fees and charges on offshore bonds and their underlying investments are leaving expatriate investors significantly out of pocket Many investors who move overseas are being sold unsuitable products, potentially risking their financial future, say international pensions and investment firm AES International. Specifically, they warn that many offshore investment bonds will struggle to mak ...

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UAE Is Country Of Choice For International Talent

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now the first choice location for highly mobile workers, helping to boost its international competitiveness in a range of industries. A survey by professional services company Procorre shows 15.5% of all international workers chose the UAE as their country of choice for relocation, closely followed by the USA with 15.2%. The UAE has undergone a rapid economic reco ...

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Expats: Find Out How Safe Is Your Destination City

Tokyo is ranked the safest city in a new index from The Economist Intelligence Unit, just ahead of Singapore and Osaka. How safe is your destination?  The Safe Cities Index 2015, sponsored by NEC, ranks 50 cities worldwide across five continents. Ho Chi Minh City, Tehran and Jakarta occupy the bottom three positions in the Index. The Index introduces a new definition of urban safety. Every city’s ...

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