Popular Remote Jobs With Health Insurance For Expats

It’s the 21st century, and it’s all about freedom and making one’s dreams come true. And while work opportunities can take you to the other side of the globe, it might leave your spouse or significant other without much prospects in the location. Remote or freelance jobs in many cases are the answer, but, as an expat, you should pay attention to a rather important thing, namely health insurance.
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Today, Pacific Prime will give you a couple of ideas on where to look for the remote job with employee benefits, and what to do if you can’t secure those.

The difference between freelance and full-time, remote jobs

Companies employing freelancers or contract workers are not legally obliged to provide any auxiliary benefits to such staff besides the agreed salary. The agreement between the firm and an employee usually takes the form of contract of mandate or a specific-task contract.

If you are, however, a part-time or full-time remote worker, different laws apply to you. Depending on the country you are being employed in (not necessary where you live), such minimal requirements beyond a salary may extend to a retirement plan, public healthcare premiums, paid annual leave entitlement and taxes. Then some companies offer a full array of employee benefits to their remote employees, the same as for the regular full-time employees, which may additionally include paid volunteer or birthday leave, education allowance, gym reimbursements, etc.

Popular remote jobs with health insurance

Some of the most popular remote full-time jobs that offer a full array of employee benefits include positions such as:

  • Remote call center representative
  • Remote travel agent
  • Remote customer service agent
  • Graphic designer
  • Social media manager
  • SEO, SEM manager
  • Virtual assistant
  • Business development manager
  • Wholesale agent
  • Web developer/designer
  • Translator

All roles that require only access to the internet and computer can be successfully placed on the above list. Remote work is a growing trend that allows employers to cut costs and find talented employees who don’t live in the area.

Benefits you can expect

The bigger the company you work remotely for, the higher your chances of getting medical insurance, alongside retirement, and paid time-off. Many companies offer other forms of incentives such as employee discounts and hourly pay, but in most cases, you’ll have to be a full-time remote worker to get access to all of the perks.

What about freelancers, part-timers, and contractors?

For those who are truly after a world-nomad lifestyle and do not wish to be tied down to a single spot on earth and enjoy the thrill of new challenges, or those who wish to work part-time, or actually, only from time to time, we recommend purchasing international private individual health insurance.

Another option that might be viable is to top up your spouse’s company medical plan to also include you, and/or your children. Many corporate plans only cover the employee, leaving the spouse or children unprotected. Here’s where the top-up plans shine, as the rest of the family members are added on top of the already existing plan, making insurance premiums lower. And since international individual plans can be expensive to purchase, especially for a freelancer with unstable income, a top-up plan is a popular choice among our customers.

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