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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Property In Portugal For Retirement

How does your perfect day in retirement look? What about a morning spent exploring the local market, a lazy afternoon in the sun at the beach – just a short walk from home – and then sitting out in the balmy evening temperatures with good food and wine? For Brits who retire to Portugal, every day can feel like being on holiday! Written exclusively ...

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UK Property Market Held Back By Brexit

The UK property market is being held back by the uncertainties over Brexit with London and the South East particularly impacted, but what is the picture around the country and what are the prospects going forward.   The latest report from Nationwide shows that UK property market remains subdued with the political turmoil and uncertainties over Brexit the main factor.  The Nationwide House Pri ...

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Top Tips For Investing In The Perfect Villa

Buying a villa abroad is the perfect way to enjoy your retirement, in a home away from home with months of sunshine. For those preferring not to move permanently, owning a home abroad is also an opportunity to earn some extra income through holiday rentals. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Peter Jenkins of Sun-Hat Villas & Resorts   To make sure you get the most out of the investm ...

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Tax On Inheritances And Donations For Non-Tax Residents In Spain

The Spanish Inheritance and Donation Tax applies to donations and inheritances and has traditionally had different rules for EU and non-EU residents with non-EU residents unable to take advantage of advantageous Regional Laws.  Recent case law has challenged this different treatment.  B Law & Tax set out the implications. This article was written exclusively for Expat Network by B LAW & TA ...

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Portugal Property Market Set For Strong Growth

The prospects for the Portugal property market in 2019 after a strong 2018 look encouraging.  This is despite the reduction in investment from British buyers. In 2008 60% of buyers on the Algarve originated from the UK and Ireland according to Knight Frank.  Demand from Britain has been in slight decline with the uncertainties over Brexit a major factor and if this can be resolved the demand is li ...

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France Property Remains Popular With British Buyers

France has long attracted buyers from Britain as well as expats from around the world.  The market remains strong and we set out expectations for 2019. France is a destination with many attractions in a large and diverse country.   Whilst the north of France offers a climate that is similar to southern England the climate in many areas is very attractive with over 300 hours of sunshine in the sout ...

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Spanish Property Market 2019 – Expectations

What is the outlook for the Spanish property market as we move in to 2019? Spain has traditionally been the most popular for British property investors buying a home abroad and British buyers have been the largest group of foreign buyers in Spain. What impact is Brexit having? Spain’s property market was heavily impacted by the global financial crisis in 2007/08.  The impact of the financial crisi ...

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How To Buy Property Abroad Safely – Our Top Ten Tips

How do you buy property abroad safely? Many people are attracted to the idea of buying an investment property or second home abroad, maybe to allow them to retire abroad. How do you ensure that you buy the right property and minimise the potential risks involved? The number of people buying abroad fell after the global financial crisis in 2008, and the continuing uncertainties of Brexit have impac ...

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Brexit Fears Give Expat Property Investors The Edge

According to Offshoreonline, the specialist expat and international mortgage broker, Brexit is creating an opportunity for expat and international investors in the UK market as the uncertainties are causing property price rises to slow and even reverse in some areas of the UK. Written by Offshoreonline for Expat Network   Brexit is causing many UK property investors to hold off purchase decis ...

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Skipton Extends Expat Lending To Include Studio Apartments

Skipton International, who provide buy-to-let mortgages for British expats in England, Wales and Scotland, has responded to the increasing demand for all types of investment buy-to-let property, by extending the terms of its mortgage proposition to include studio apartments valued at £250,000 and above. Broadening the scope of its lending criteria will offer Skipton’s customers a wider range of po ...

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