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Falling Expat Mortgage Interest Rates Favour Expat Buyers

Offshoreonline report that when expat house buyers return in the busy summer buying period they will have a significant negotiating edge due to the recent falls in expat mortgage interest rates and the effect of a weak housing market in the UK. “The availability of lower expat mortgage rates, whilst ...

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As Safe As Houses? The Problem of Property Fraud

HM Land Registry advise how to protect against property fraud in England and Wales when you live abroad. Property is usually the most valuable asset people own. It can be sold and mortgaged to raise money and can therefore be an attractive target for fraudsters. If you live abroad your property might be more at risk if it: is empty is rented out is mortgage-free isn’t registered with Land Registry ...

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Renting Abroad: How To Choose The Best Option

There are so many decisions to make and things to plan when you’re moving abroad, so we’re here to make at least one of those things easier for you – choosing somewhere to rent. It can be difficult enough renting in your own country, so throw different customs and languages into the mix and you’ve got a minefield to navigate. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Nestpick   Nestpick, a sea ...

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Purchasing Property In Spain – A Tax Guide

Are you thinking of purchasing property in Spain? Your tax situation will be different depending on whether or not you are considered to be tax resident in Spain. This technical article looks in some detail at the different taxes which may apply to you, depending on how your purchase is structured. This article was written exclusively for Expat Network by B LAW & TAX, International Tax & L ...

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Buy-To-Let Mortgages For Expats In The UK

Buy-to-let mortgages for expats are available to help you invest in the UK property market and there are various options for obtaining a loan. There are additional challenges for expats beyond those faced by domestic borrowers. Buy-to-Let (BTL) Mortgages: This type of mortgage is used to facilitate the purchase and remortgage of residential property in the UK for the purpose of letting to a privat ...

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Expat UK Mortgages Made Easy

The impact of the Brexit referendum has made investing in UK property for British expatriates an attractive prospect. Yet the practicalities of doing so can be a little more tricky. With increased regulations around lending and changes to lending practices, many lenders have withdrawn from the market, leaving expatriates struggling to find ways to invest in UK buy-to-let properties. This article h ...

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Financing The Purchase Of A Property Abroad

Financing is of course a key thing to consider when you are looking to purchase a property abroad. If you are unable to purchase the property from your own funds you will need to identify options to obtain a mortgage. There are basically three options: 1. Remortgage your home – This can be the easiest option if you have sufficient equity in your home. However, the repayments will need to be ...

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Expats Investing In New Areas In UK Property Market

There is mounting evidence that expats are taking advantage of the weakness of the pound to invest in the UK market and that increasingly they are investing outside London and the South East. New research from Liquid Expat Mortgages indicates that there has been a 20% year on year increase in expats and foreign nationals within UAE investing in UK property. The investment are in buy-to-lets and fi ...

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Are You A UK Non-Resident Landlord? There’s Tax To Pay

Expats who rent out their UK property must register with the taxman’s non-resident landlord scheme, says Iain Yule. If you have rental property in the UK but your usual home is outside the UK, your tenants or the letting agents you use will need to operate the non-resident landlord (NRL) scheme. They need to deduct basic rate tax from rental income before they pass it on to you. You can set this t ...

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New Mortgage Range For British Expats

Offshore bank Skipton International has launched a new range of mortgages for British expats. The Guernsey-based bank is offering two new fixed rates For borrowers looking for a remortgage of £300,000 or more, the rate is fixed at 3.99% for five years. Smaller loans between £100,000 and £300,000 come with the higher rate of 4.49% again fixed for five years. Application fees are £999, including a v ...

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