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Cyprus In Search Of Settlement

With ongoing talks in Geneva between Greece and Turkey about the divided island of Cyprus, how should property investors view this otherwise idyllic Mediterranean location? The BBC reports that talks to resolve the disputed territory on Cyprus between the heads of the Greek and Turkish governments a ...

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Do New Buy-To-Let Rules Affect UK Expat Buyers?

Rules on UK lending introduced by the UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority limit the amount expat buy-to-let property investors and landlords can borrow on new mortgages. The new rules are designed to slow the demand for UK buy-to-let investment by demanding buyers raise larger deposits. Lenders will have to test affordability using notional interest rates of 5.5%, ensuring rental coverage of up t ...

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Most Expat Buy-To-Let Loans In South East UK

A majority of UK expat buy-to-let mortgages are concentrated in greater London and the South East, according to new figures. Figures from lender Skipton International show up to 40% of expat mortgage customers are investing in buy-to-let property in Greater London, with another 25% in the South East of England. Just 10% of British expats purchasing property to rent out are investing in either the ...

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Time For British Expats To Buy Property Back Home?

With the pound trading at an historic low against the world’s major currencies, now may be a good time for British expats to consider investing in property back home, according to property investment firm Benoit Properties International. With a significant shortage of supply in the UK property market, prices and rents are rising steadily, say Benoit Properties International. The latest figures fro ...

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Big Spend By Foreign Buyers Of Dubai Property

As a collection of seven separate emirates, there are some differences between emirates in the rules and procedures for buying property in the UAE. Here we are focussing on Dubai, where buyers from India, the UK and Pakistan make up the three largest overseas contingents. The market is certainly buoyant. Transaction reports from the Dubai Land Department (DLD) have revealed that the sum total of r ...

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Buoyant Buy-To-Let In UK

The UK buy-to let market for expats appears to be thriving, according to one lender, despite the introduction of a stamp duty levy on buy-to-let properties and the removal of interest rate relief for landlords. In a survey by the lender, Guernsey-based Skipton International, 35% of expats cited long-term investment as their main reason for investing in UK buy-to-let. Other reasons included pension ...

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Britons Still Favour French Property

UK buyers are the most important group of non-resident investors in France, accounting for 34 per cent of all transactions in 2015, up 44 per cent on 2014. The figures come from a survey by the Notaires de France, BNP and Rightmove, the UK property portal. The combined effects of sterling strength and euro weakness saw exchange rates move from €1.28 at the start of 2015 to €1.44 at one point durin ...

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Rise in Spanish House Prices Moderates

According to the latest House Price Index data published by the National Statistics Institute, the price of housing in Spain increased by 3.9 per cent year-on-year in the second quarter of the year, which is almost two and a half points less than the 6.3 per cent year-on-year increase registered in the first quarter. As reported by property portal Kyero, this most recent increase represents the ni ...

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Expat Rents Stable, Falling In Oil States

The subdued global economic growth of the past year has had a significant impact on rental rates around the world. The majority of locations have witnessed very static rental trends, with minimal movements in the last year. But there are regional variations. Low inflation has helped to keep wage rises down, which has had an effect on renters’ purchasing power, so landlords have been unable to dras ...

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New Expat Mortgage Scheme Launched

An owner-occupier mortgage for UK nationals working abroad has been launched by National Counties building society. The mortgage is available on an interest-only basis and the borrowers will need to have an acceptable repayment strategy using UK-based sterling assets. If the borrowers are not currently living in the property, then they must intend to return to it at a future date. However, in the ...

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