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Skipton Extends Expat Lending To Include Studio Apartments

Skipton International, who provide buy-to-let mortgages for British expats in England, Wales and Scotland, has responded to the increasing demand for all types of investment buy-to-let property, by extending the terms of its mortgage proposition to include studio apartments valued at £250,000 and ab ...

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Florida Buyers Guide

If you are thinking about buying property in America, Florida is a popular area for property investors around the world.  Benoit Properties provide their guide to buying in Florida. Taken from an article by Benoit Properties   For investors looking to purchase an asset which is stable, offers good returns, and is well located, Florida ticks all of the boxes. As a world leading economy, the US ...

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Global Cities At Risk Of A Housing Bubble

Investing in property in major cities can offer good returns but you need to avoid buying at the top of the market.  Benoit Properties look at the Bubble Risk of the markets around the world. Taken from an article by Benoit Properties   When considering adding to your property portfolio, a major part of your research should include ensuring that you are not purchasing an asset at the height o ...

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Stamp Duty Proposals For Foreign Investors: Will It Affect UK Demand?

Proposals to increase stamp duty for overseas purchasers of property will have an impact on the UK property market.  Benoit Properties set out the impact that they expect to see on foreign property investors. Taken from an article by Benoit Properties   Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference, Theresa May announced plans for overseas purchasers of UK property who do not pay tax in Brita ...

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Silver Lining To Brits Leaving Spain

Overseas mortgage specialist, Simon Conn, sees potential opportunities from reports that a number of British residents are leaving Spain. Spain’s National Statistics Institute’s provisional figures indicate a drop from 293,475 in 2017 to 285,698 in 2018. This follows a drop of 5,827 in 2017 over 2016.  With the uncertainties of Brexit it is likely that this is a temporary fall, but the indications ...

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Update On The Spanish Local Tax “Plusvalía Municipal”

Real estate transfers in Spain can be subject to local Tax on the Increase in the Urban Land Value (“Impuesto sobre el Incremento de Valor de los Terrenos de Naturaleza Urbana” or “Plusvalía Municipal”). This mandatory municipal tax is levied on the increase disclosed in the value of urban land whenever urban land located in Spain is transferred. This article was written exclusively for Expat Netw ...

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Hong Kong Priciest For City Centre Apartments

The average price of a two-bed city centre apartment in Hong Kong is £1,280,000, more than 11 times as much as the US average (£111,000) and almost £1,000,000 more than in Europe (£131,000). This makes Hong Kong the priciest country in the world to purchase a city-centre apartment. This data comes from new research provided by personal finance comparison website finder.com London is the second mos ...

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Why Expat Tenants Need Home Insurance

Even before you moved to Hong Kong, you may have heard about the highly unaffordable rent in the city, which always ranks top among the world’s most expensive housing markets. This perennial problem has become so extreme that a resident needs to spend 19.4 years without any other expenditure in order to be able to afford a home, according to the latest Wallstreetcn report. As such, it is a norm fo ...

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Expatriates In Paris: Top Tips To Find A Home Quickly

Finding accommodation in Paris can be a long and complicated process. The administrative procedures are important and can take time and it’s even worse when you’re not native to France.  Many expatriates have to stay in a hotel with their friends or loved ones while they are looking for more permanent housing and so it is best to do whatever is necessary to find a suitable home as quic ...

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Falling Expat Mortgage Interest Rates Favour Expat Buyers

Offshoreonline report that when expat house buyers return in the busy summer buying period they will have a significant negotiating edge due to the recent falls in expat mortgage interest rates and the effect of a weak housing market in the UK. “The availability of lower expat mortgage rates, whilst at the same time, many regions in the UK are reporting softer domestic housing demand and falling p ...

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