Retire Abroad Roadshow

Expat Network is hosting the first Retire Abroad Roadshow

Thinking about retiring to Europe to enjoy the climate and lifestyle? We are planning a new series of events designed to help you plan your retirement abroad. Let us know if you would like to attend our new event: The Retire Abroad Roadshow.

Until now there has been no event dedicated to those planning a retirement abroad.  The Retire Abroad Roadshow will cover all of the issues that you need to consider as you plan your move:

Deciding on your target destination

Do you have a clear idea of the country you want to retire to and what are the advantages of the different regions?  Have you considered alternatives?  How do you ensure you do not end up regretting your choice?

Funding the move and pension planning

How do you arrange to receive your state and private pension abroad?  What tax efficient options are available to transfer your pension and savings?

Investment, inheritance and tax issues

Financial planning needs to take account of the tax rules in the UK as well as in your planned new home. Each country has different tax and inheritance rules.

Property options

Should you buy or rent? What are the advantages to renting?  How do you ensure that you safely buy the right property in the right location at the right price and what are your options to fund the purchase?

Practicalities of the move

How to deal with immigration requirements, moving all of your goods, pets and family, accessing good quality healthcare, banking options and identify and manage exchange rate risks.

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the Retire Abroad Roadshow

Retire Abroad Roadshow

We are holding the first Retire Abroad roadshow in the London area on 28th September 2019. 

If you would like to attend this event please register your interest here and we will ensure that you receive details of our plans.

We also plan events in other cities around the UK.

If you are unable to attend the London event you can register your interest in events in other cities

and we will notify you when the date of the meetings in other locations are finalised.

Expat Network would like to thank our Event Sponsors:

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