Expatriates In Paris: Top Tips To Find A Home Quickly

Finding accommodation in Paris can be a long and complicated process. The administrative procedures are important and can take time and it’s even worse when you’re not native to France.  Many expatriates have to stay in a hotel with their friends or loved ones while they are looking for more permanent housing and so it is best to do whatever is necessary to find a suitable home as quickly as possible.

Here are some top tips to help in your search and in getting all the odds on your side…

How to find your accommodation:

For a short stay:

Furnished rental for expatriates

If you are coming to France for a short stay, the best option will be a furnished rental. This can also provide a temporary solution while looking for a permanent home.

In France, all types of housing are available to expatriates. Whether they want a loft, a studio or a large apartment, all these models are available.

Some companies may offer apartments referred to as “ready to live” that is to say fully furnished with even the linen provided. One of the leaders in the market for  temporary furnished rentals in the capital, Paris Attitude, is one of them; they are experts in “made to measure”.


For a long stay:

Real estate agencies

In general, two choices are available to tenants:

  • An unfurnished rental, if you are sure of your neighbourhood and ready to invest in furniture
  • A furnished rental, with a support of the tenant throughout the stay, a wide range of housing, help in the search for housing (visits, drafting of rental contracts, inventory of fixtures), and many other more flexible services. This type of rental is provided for example by the company Paris Attitude.

If you plan to live in Paris for a prolonged period you should contact a real estate agency as an agency will be able to offer a wide range of properties for sale or rent. It is a solution if you are looking for an apartment.

However, agency fees vary according to the area occupied and the district in which you want to settle etc but are generally high. This is because tenants are accompanied from the beginning to the end of the process, the flexibility of the terms of the rental and the wide range of  choice of apartments among other things.

In addition, it is strongly recommended that you have a permanent contract in place if you want to be accepted by a real estate agency. The insurer, after having analyzed the financial position of the future tenant will accept or reject your file. It is important to consult several agencies to assess which one will best meet your expectations and needs.

Apartment rental – prepare all necessary formalities:

Preparing to settle in France requires knowledge of the real estate market. The owner may require documentary evidence of your financial stability. These are the documents likely to be required:

  • Pay slips (often the last 3)
  • Your employment contract / employer attestation
  • Your last tax notice
  • The ID card or the family record book
  • A bank account statement
  • Rent receipts from the previous rental

Apart from this, the lessor or owner has the right to request documents from any guarantor:

  • The list of documents cited above
  • A copy of his property tax notice.

To summarize, if you plan to stay in Paris for a while, it is possible to find a home but you must bear the points above in mind.

For more information about renting furnished housing in Paris, visit Paris Attitude !

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